Features Overview

Schedules, booking, websites, and more.

Share events with your online audiences by embedding your calendar in any web page.

shared calendar on computer, smartphone, and tablet

event Quick and easy event editing.

Easily add single or repeating events, set reminders or attach files. Include event descriptions, private notes, and more.

web Website Calendar Plugins

It's easy to add our Event Board, Upcoming events list, Mini calendar, or Full calendar to any website. All calendar plugins are included in every CalendarWiz plan.

people_outline Multi-User Editing

Easily collaborate with other calendar users. You decide which events users can view and edit. Monitor all event changes with event change tracking.

smartphone Mobile

Our mobile calendar makes it easy to view and update your events from any device. There's nothing to download - simply visit your calendar in any browser and log in.

color_lens Custom Colors & Branding

Easily customize your calendar colors and logos to match your website and brand. Select a custom color or choose one of our preset themes.

perm_contact_calendarInvite with RSVP & Attendance

Send invites with or without RSVP. Track your event attendance and the list of email recipients.

alarm Reminders & Announcements

Schedule automatic reminders and event announcements to keep everyone up to date.

business Locations & Facilities

Use the locations feature to manage rooms, meeting spaces, addresses, and more. Choose your saved locations from a drop-down list with the option to prevent double booking.

widgets Calendar Categories

Use categories to easily organize your calendar events. Color-code and filter events and set user permissions to control who can access each category.

Color Coded Events

Color code event titles and legend colors for at-a-glance reference.

Prevent Double-Booking

Prevent scheduling conflicts of any resource with a self-service booking category option.

Who Can View/Edit

Assign user viewing and editing permission by category.

fingerprint Private & Public Calendar Visibility

You have complete control over who can view your calendar and events. Create public or private categories, and choose which events display on your website.

event_busy Prevent Double-Bookings

Easily eliminate double-booking of shared rooms or resources. Great for managing conference rooms, shared spaces, staff schedules, or vehicles, for example.

record_voice_over Let Visitors Suggest Events

Add a simple form that allows visitors to submit events to your calendar or website. Calendar administrators control and approve all suggested events. Easily embed the form on your website or include a button on your calendar.

share Social Media

Social Media buttons make it easy for visitors to share your events on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

group_add Subscribers & Signup Form

An affordable alternative to MailChimp or Contant Contact to build and manage your email list. Email subscribers event reminders, invitations, newsletters, and event updates.

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Import & Export

Import events and contacts from Outlook, Google, and other applications. Easily export CalendarWiz events for backups and reporting.


Real-time iCal and RSS Feeds

Easily export your CalendarWiz events to other applications such as Outlook, Apple and Android calendars.

backup First Class Backup & Reliability

We understand how important your calendar is. With real-time data backup, 99.6% uptime, and 24x7x365 monitoring, you can rest assured that your data is safe.

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"Superb customer service from the get-go in terms of a free trial. No used car sales staff here - nobody was pushy, permitting me to peruse the site on my own to determine its usefullness!"

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