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Frequently Asked Questions

Used for Parish-wide Calendar

"Our overall experience thus far has been fantastic. Our previous parish calendar was old and one day just wasn't there. Our IS website team was able to retrieve all the information and we were able to submit that to CalenderWiz tech support who walked me through, step by step, what needed to be done and within a couple of days we were functioning again. It was almost a blessing that our old calendar quit operating as we feel this new calendar with CalendarWiz is an answer to prayers - it does everything our old calendar did, is easier to work with, and will do so much more! Thank you." -

Annie K.
Parish Secretary

Visit Capterra for more positive reviews. launch
It will remain exactly the same, all events and settings intact.
No. The plans are complete; no taxes or other additional costs.
Please contact us and request that we cancel your account. Annual plans will receive a prorated refund.

CalendarWiz formed in 2004! The same year Gmail was released as a beta.

Users can login to add events or view private categories. Subscribers belong to your email list.  Learn more

At this time we keep all events in our database, if you ever decide to come back, your calendar will be waiting for you.

The feature-set for all subscription types are the same, the only difference is the number of users and categories.

Yes, our mobile interface is available for all calendar plans.

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"This software has really made my life and my co-works lives much easier. I really enjoy the freedom, organization, and control it gave me. I also really appreciate the support team that has answered so many questions I had and shown me how to make this product work best for me."

~ Hannah R. ~

"Superb customer service from the get-go in terms of a free trial. No used car sales staff here - nobody was pushy, permitting me to peruse the site on my own to determine its usefullness!"

~ Bill K. ~

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