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Ellen Joubert

Prince Albert Online
Our CalendarWiz calendar on the Prince Albert App worked incredibly well and everyone who uses it is most impressed. I think you have such a wonderful product and hope to use it for many projects in future.

How Communities and Chambers Use CalendarWiz

Community Website Calendar

Communities and online magazines boost participation by promoting events with a website calendar and calendar plugins.

Upcoming Events Plugin

Feature an upcoming events list on your home page in a snap. Add a responsive upcoming events list or mini calendar plugin by simple copy and paste code.

Email Subscribers & Signup Form

Let visitors join your email list via signup form. Stay connected with your subscribers through event reminders, invitations, and email newsletters.

Let Visitors Suggest Events

Let your community contribute to your calendar by suggesting events for approval. Add a suggest event form to your calendar or website.

Event Search App

Let website visitors search for the events of interest, by text, zip code proximity, calendar category, or location.

Shared Calendar Management

Multi-user editing lets you share the work of updating the calendar. Bring together your community calendars.

Social Sharing

Let visitors share your events on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Add your calendar to a Facebook fan page.

Mobile App

View or update your calendar via smartphone. Same login for mobile app and desktop calendar.

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