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Jamie Moore

Working Mom
Boston, MA
Thank you CalendarWiz for helping us organize our work, school, and family schedules. Event reminders, Mobile App & Calendar Update Notices keep my husband and I on the same page.

How Families & Individuals use CalendarWiz

Personal Calendars

Keep track of schedules, appointments or special events. Share all or part of your calendar with someone else.

Family Calendar

Manage family schedules from home, work or smartphone. Real-time iCal feeds into your work calendar app.

On Desktop, Tablet or Phone

One simple link to update your calendar on any device with a browser and internet connection.

Mobile App

View or update your schedule on any smartphone. Same login for mobile app and desktop version.

Remind & Announce

Set reminders for events. Announce new events as they're added to the calendar.

Divorce Calendar

Custodial parents share private calendars to coordinate child visitation schedules.

Extended Family

Stay connected with shared calendars for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, & reunions.

Elder or Personal Care

Shared online calendar allows siblings to coordinate appointments and coverage for elder parents.

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