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Students, faculty, parents, and alumni can enjoy access to a centralized event calendar that's always in sync on your website, and in your pocket.

Dr. Tiffany Holmes

Unit Coordinator/Recital Hall Manager, Texas Tech School of Music
Lubbock, TX
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"I am loving all the recent updates in CalendarWiz. Thank you for making me look like the smartest person on staff for implementing your calendar service within our department. ;)"

How Colleges & Universities Use CalendarWiz


Website Calendar and Plugins

Bring your campus calendars together with one website calendar solution. Color-code calendar categories by department or type of event.


Departmental Calendar

Share your department calendar internally or on department web page. Simplify scheduling by sharing one calendar that's always up to date.


Upcoming Events List Plugin

Promote campus events in a snap. Add our interactive upcoming events list to any web page. If you like, create an upcoming event list theme for each department web page.


Real-time iCal & RSS Feeds

Students, faculty or parents subscribe to your calendar and view it in calendar app that they use, including Outlook, Mac iCalendar, Google, Android, iPad or iPhone.


Shared Calendar Management

Multi-user editing lets you control who can edit what and share the work of updating the calendar.


Email Subscribers & Signup Form

Let visitors join your email list via signup form. Bring your calendar and email list together, affordably.



Perfect for viewing or updating your calendar on any smartphone. Use the same login for mobile and desktop version.


Branding & Logos

CalendarWiz fits seamlessly into any university website. Customize website calendar plugin colors to match your brand.

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"This software has really made my life and my co-works lives much easier. I really enjoy the freedom, organization, and control it gave me. I also really appreciate the support team that has answered so many questions I had and shown me how to make this product work best for me."

~ Hannah R. ~

"Superb customer service from the get-go in terms of a free trial. No used car sales staff here - nobody was pushy, permitting me to peruse the site on my own to determine its usefullness!"

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