A Calendar for Primary Education

Keep parents, students, and staff up-to-date on your school or district events.

Dr. Patrick Harrigan

Deputy Superintendent, Half Hollow Hills
Melville, New York
CalendarWiz has taken our school district calendar off the bulletin board and placed it into the smartphones and tablets our parents and staff use every day. Multiple categories and users have allowed for a more efficient and collaborative calendar development process.

How Schools & Districts Use CalendarWiz

Website Calendar Plugins

Keep parents, students, and teachers informed with interactive website calendar or upcoming events list that look great on all devices.

Shared Collaborative Calendar

Update events on any desktop, tablet, or smartphone. Our shared calendar features and multi-user editing let you run your school more efficiently.

District Calendars

Create a category for each school in your district. Create an upcoming events list for each school's website.

Email List & Signup Form

Import your email list and stay connected though reminders, invitations, and Email to List emails.

Real-Time RSS & iCal Feeds

Parents or teachers subscribe to your calendar, feeding it into Outlook, Mac iCal, Google, Android, iPhone, etc.

Room or Facility Scheduling

Prevent double booking of computer labs, rooms, or facilities. Self-service booking options available.

Printed Calendars

Schools print and distribute semester calendars or save money and let parents view and print at home.

Color & Logos

CalendarWiz blends perfectly into any school or district site. Match school colors and add mascot or logo.

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