Calendar Users

Multi-User Editing

Flexible user permissions let you control who can view & who can edit.


Users with admin permission have complete control of calendar settings, website plugins, and event editing.


Users with manager permission can add and edit events in only assigned categories.

Unlimited Visitors

No limit to the number of visitors viewing public calendar events or website plugins.

Import Users

Import user info and email addresses from other apps such as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc.

Track Changes

Receive notices of what's been added or edited in the calendar and by whom. Often used with self-service booking.

Additional Features

Admin Menu

Administrators explore the Admin Menu for easy navigation to helpful calendar features.

Multi-level Administration

Assign multiple administrators & category managers to empower and share the work.

Calendar Categories

Control who can view and who can edit what events by dividing your calendar into categories.

Customize Colors

Color-code categories for quick reference. Match calendar or website plugins to any website color scheme.

Mobile App

No app to install - just browse to mobile app, login, and bookmark it.

CalendarWiz is very "User friendly," making it a breeze to transition from our previous system. We love that it's a Web Based Program that we can access while out of the office. It allows for a much more efficient work day, which makes a
Happy Work Day for all!
Karan Lage, IT / Property Manager
Community Support Services for the Deaf, Inc.
Windsor Mill, MD
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"This software has really made my life and my co-works lives much easier. I really enjoy the freedom, organization, and control it gave me. I also really appreciate the support team that has answered so many questions I had and shown me how to make this product work best for me."

~ Hannah R. ~

"Superb customer service from the get-go in terms of a free trial. No used car sales staff here - nobody was pushy, permitting me to peruse the site on my own to determine its usefullness!"

~ Bill K. ~

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