Invites & Reminders with RSVP

Shared Calendar with RSVP

We’re excited to announce that Invite with RSVP is now available in your calendar.  Start sending invites to calendar users and email subscribers.  Request a RSVP as Accept, Decline, or Maybe.  You also have the option to track attendance for your event!



How it Works

1. Sending an Invitation

Start by adding an event.  Next, go to the “Invite & Remind” to send an invitation or event announcement.


2. Select Your Email List

Select attendees and set reminders as you always have.  It’s easier to add subscribers without going to the Admin Menu.


3. Track Event RSVPs

Instant RSVP email notifications & attendee comments are sent to the designated RSVP contact.  To get a RSVP summary, simply edit your event and go to the “Invite & Remind” tab.   If someone RSVPs over the phone or in person, you can edit the RSVP yourself.  




If you like, set up a default RSVP Contact in the Admin Menu > Calendar Options > Expert tab



4. Attendance Tracking

Use the ‘Attended’ column to keep track of who attended an event.  The attendee list will remain intact for future reference.  If you like, sort or print the list for your records.



Features to use with RSVP:

Reminder Email Template:

Change the colors and styles of the invite and reminder templates. Learn more.

Smart Update:

If you add a lot of repeating events, we’d suggest turning on our SmartUpdate feature to preserve event information. In other words, it will let you edit a repeating event without overwriting individual event content and RSVP data.

File Manager:

Attach documents or insert an image into your event.  Documents will be included in your event invite, announcement, or reminder.  Learn more about attaching documents to an event or inserting an image into an event.


It’s our sincere hope that this feature makes your day a bit easier. How will you use Invite with RSVP?  Please share your feedback or how you’re using Invite with RSVP in the comments section below.



It’s a very nice feature but it’s limited by the number of “basic users” allowed by subscription level. Since our user-base is already in Outlook (and exceeds the limits in our package), we’ll continue using Outlook for this function.

Jamie Moore

Mike, you can add a list of email addresses to any subscription plan at a fair price. Email an entire congregation or a smaller committee, pick the “subscriber plan” that works for you.

50 subscribers – $2/mo or $24/year
150 subscribers – $4/mo or $48/year
500 subscribers – $10/mo or $120/year
1000 subscribers – $15/mo or $180/year
2500 subscribers – $20/mo or $240/year

Benefits of using CalendarWiz for Invites with RSVP:
– Access from any mobile or desktop device
– Prevent the folks from “Replying All”
– Insert images & documents into events
– RSVP and Attendance record for repeating & single events


We list programs for our patrons on our calendar. They call us and register by phone. It would be nice if they could sign up by some link on the calendar.

Jamie Moore

Fred, thank you for your feature request. We wholeheartedly agree!

Question: do you have an email list for your patrons? If so, you could invite your loyal patrons to a special upcoming event. Folks can then “Accept” your invite as well as receive an event reminder.
If a person RSVPs over the phone, add the person to your event’s attendee list. Now, you’ll have a historical attendee record and the patrons information will be in the calendar to invite to your next event.

Dick Kuehl

We are a bike club. We list all of our rides (5 or more a week) on our calendar. Sending out invites for rides does not makes sense for us. Allowing riders to RSVP for a ride (and allowing other riders to see who has RSVP’d) would be a fantastic feature for us.

Peter Bohlin

Dick, thanks for this feature request. We do see how this would be a helpful use for your bike club. We will be reviewing customer feedback and requests for future enhancements to the RSVP feature. I’ll be sure to add this to our list.

Dale Hartle

RSVPs is a great idea, another would be to have a maximum attendance field, eg 10, 20 etc, and as people RSVP, it ticks down to zero spaces left on the course or event, then anyone else RSVPing gets an email notification and goes into a waitlisted queue. If anyone cancels, then the next person on the list gets notified automatically by email which they can use to indicate they wish to attend or not, and so on. Sometimes we have free events but limited places, other times we have paid attendance events but also limited places. Managing this by regular email is timeconsuming. Having it all self-managing would be amazing! Dale Hartle

Jamie Moore

Dale, great ideas for next steps for RSVP/Attendance.
We’re discussing the best way to implement a max attendance limit. Thanks for your insights on waitlist management. We can see how automatic notification emails to those on a waitlist would be helpful.

Steve Kloetsch

We may use if we can set a total number of seats available for registration, the ability to use or NOT use a Waitlist and the system sends out an auto reminder to those who have registered 24 to 48 hours in advance. One other point here…you are swimming up stream against Eventbrite who currently provides this service for free.

Jamie Moore

Thanks for highlighting the importance of making the waitlist an option. Got it!
Invite with RSVP is a baby step into the world of event registration. We’ll keep you posted as new features like # seats and waitlist become available. In the future, we’re aiming to allow organizations and groups can consolidate applications into one shared calendar by CalendarWiz.


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