Options for viewing your CalendarWiz Events on the Blackberry:

A.  CalendarWiz Mobile on the Blackberry allows administrators and permitted users to view, add, and edit events on the calendar.  Calendar visitors may only view public category events.  Please note that this is not an "app" but rather a browser-based interface.

Mobile on Blackberry Month View

Blackberry with the BB 6 OS or later: 

  1. Open browser and go to: http://www.calendarwiz.com/yourcalendaridentifier
  2. Be sure to substitute your calendar's unique identifier in the above 'Go to' link.
  3. Select the Mobile interface when prompted by your browser.
  4. Login to your CalendarWiz Calendar using your email/username and password
  5. Mobile Navigation Instructions:

Blackberry devices with BB 5 OS (e.g. BB Storm, BB Storm 2, BB Curve, BB Bold, BB Tour):

  1. Blackberry has a software update for its BB 5 OS phones that provides browser enhancements.  This update is not automatically sent to your Blackberry; it requires that you connect your Blackberry phone via USB cable to a computer.  This update will allow access to the Mobile version of your CalendarWiz calendar.  Check to see if your Blackberry is supported in the update and get the update here:

    Note: Please use Internet Explorer to open to the website on your local computer- for some reason Blackberry does not display the Update button in other browsers (e.g. Firefox.)


    To access the Mobile calendar interface - replace "yourcalendaridentifier" with your unique identifier in the below link:


  2.   Blackberry 5 OS Phones may download the Opera Mini Browser to access the Mobile Interface:
  1. Open your Blackberry native browser
  2. Go to: http://m.opera.com
  3. Download and install the Opera Mini 5 (Blackberry) browser
  4. Open the Opera Mini browser which may be in your downloads folder
  5. Go to: http://www.calendarwiz.com/mobile.html?crd=yourcalendaridentifier
  6. Be sure to substitute your calendar's identifier in the above 'Go to' link.
  7. Login to your CalendarWiz Calendar using your email (or username) and password

  8. Mobile Navigation Instructions:
    • Days with a dot beneath the number have events in them and may viewed with a simple click.
    • Add events to your calendar by clicking the [Add] button
    • Swipe Control and Navigation arrows allow you to go from month to month. 
      Click "Today" to return to the current month.
    • Day view: click on an event to view the event details and description.  Use the "Done" button to return to month view.

B. Blackberry Desktop Manager Sync via Outlook

  1. Set up CalendarWiz iCal subscription in Outlook Internet Calendar
  2. Sync Blackberry with Outlook via Blackberry Desktop Manager

C. Blackberry Desktop Manager Sync via Apple iCal

  1. Set up CalendarWiz iCal subscription in Apple iCal
  2. Sync Blackberry with Apple iCal via Blackberry Desktop Manager

D. Email CalendarWiz Export File to Blackberry

  1. Click Export Button on CalendarWiz Navigation Bar
  2. Select date range and categories to export
  3. Select export file format: 'iCalendar Interchange Format for Blackberry Email.'
  4. Click the Export button and Save the file to a known location on your computer.
  5. Use any email program to email the exported file as an attachment to your Blackberry's email address.
  6. Access email on your Blackberry. Exported events will automatically be placed in your Blackberry calendar.  You will have to repeatedly email events to receive updates.  This is not an automatic sync solution at this time.

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