Create Code to Integrate Your Calendar Into Your Website:

The Website Link Wizard makes it easy to create HTML code to paste into your webpage.  Use this tool to embed links or iFrames into your webpage with a selected combination of categories.

Login as Administrator > Go to Admin Menu > Website Plugins > Website Link Wizard

Text Link: Creates a text link to your calendar.

Image Link: Creates a graphic link to your calendar

iFrame: Frames your calendar on your web page

Plain Link: Use with other web design programs

Select Categories to build the link to open the calendar showing only the selected categories.  Leaving categories unselected will cause the link to open showing either all categories or the default category set in options

Note: Settings on this page are not saved.  Create your HTML code and paste into your web page using your web page editor in code view.

Calendar view to open when link is clicked: This option determines which view, either month, week, day or list will open when the link is clicked or the iframe appears on your web page.

Do not show login button on calendar: This option will cause the calendar to open without the login button in the calendar navigation bar.  Not showing the login button is appropriate for displaying the calendar to website visitors who do not have a reason to login to the calendar for adding or editing events.

Select action to occur when link is clicked: Select how the calendar will open for text and image links, either in the same window or a new window.

Enter text to display in text link: This is the text that will be used to create the code for the text link you can put on your web page.

Select styles for text link: For text links, set the font, style, size and whether you want the link to have an underline decoration.  The program will automatically create the style code for you.

Enter the full URL of graphic on your server for image link:  The value shown when you first open this screen is the URL to a graphic on the web server.  To use a different graphic, enter the full link or URL to a graphic on yourweb server that will be used in the code for your graphic link.

iFrame width and height: Enter the width and height of the iframe you want to embed into a web page on your website.  It is recommended that the iframe width not be less than 710.  For smaller widths it is recommended that you not display the mini calendars for the previous and next months.

The option to not show mini calendars in the main calendar view can be set by going to Admin Menu-> Option-> Basic Options-> "not show mini calendars".

Code Tabs

Click On Tabs To Copy Code For Different Types Of Links: The tabs at the bottom of the screen provide access to the HTML code for the different types of links.  Select the desired tab, highlight and copy the entire code and then paste into your web page using your web page editor program's code view.

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