Mobile App Setup Guide for Smartphones (iPhone, Android, etc.)

It's easy to access the mobile version of your CalendarWiz calendar.  There's nothing to download and no need to go to an app store - CalendarWiz is compatible with all smartphones including Androids, iPhones, etc.

Here's how to get started...

Mobile Calendar on iPhone Month View

Step 1: There's nothing to download.  Simply open your phone browser, which is Safari or Chrome in most cases.

Step 2: Go to your calendar link like the one below.  Replace yourcalendaridentifier in the link with your unique calendar name.

Step 3: Select "Mobile" when prompted.

Step 4: Log in with your regular login information.

Step 5: Add CalendarWiz to your phone home screen.

Quick Tip: Below you'll find the direct link to your mobile calendar:

Here's how it works...

Add Mobile Calendar Icon to Phone Homescreen:

To view CalendarWiz events in your phone's native calendar, you can add a read-only iCal link to your iPhone and Google Android.

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