How do I embed the calendar into a web page using an iframe?

The Website Link Wizard makes it easy to create HTML code to embed your full calendar into a web page using an iframe.  An iframe frames your calendar on your web page.  To access the Website Link Wizard:

Login as Administrator > Go to Admin Menu >  Website Plugins > Website Link Wizard

  1. Once you enter the Website Link Wizard, click on the "iFrame tab" at the bottom of the page to generate code for an iFrame. 
  2. Optionally, select categories to build the link to open the calendar showing only those selected categories.  Leaving categories unselected will cause the calendar to open showing either "all" categories or the default category set in your calendar's options menu.
  3. Optionally, select to "do not show login button" and/or select calendar view.  The iframe code below will adjust to reflect your selections.
  4. iframe width and height: enter the width and height of the iframe you want to embed in a webpage.
  5. Copy the entire iFrame code from the bottom of the screen and paste the code into your webpage using a web page editor in code view. 
  6. Settings on this page are not saved.  Create your HTML code for your iframe and paste it into your web page using your web page editor in code view.

Note: for smaller width iframes - widths less than 710px: it is recommended that you not display the mini calendars for the previous and next months.  To not show mini calendars in the main calendar view go to:

Admin Menu > under Calendar Settings > Calendar Options > check to "not show mini calendars" > Save

You may also consider hiding buttons (e.g. login, go to date, export) from the calendar display to help accomodate a smaller width on your webpage.  Here is the link that provides the steps to hide buttons:

For more on iframes and html usage we recommend visiting

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