Attach a document or file to your event

It just got easier to add a documents to your event descriptions.  You may upload PDFs, MS Word docs, Excel spreadsheets and more to your CalendarWiz calendar.  Many customers use this feature to attach flyers, registration forms, pamphlets or photos & images to their calendar events.

Please note: that the ability to upload images & files is not available in the legacy event editor.  Turn on the new Full Event Editor to access the file manager.  

Here's how to attach a document to your event:

1. Click to add event > click [More event options...] > click Description & Images tab to access full event editor >
go to Description & Images tab  & click  "Insert/Edit Link" icon shown below.

attach document to event image

2. Next, you'll see the insert link window open.  Click the "File Manager" button to upload documents or files to your calendar.  You may also use the URL field to link to another web page, website, or document located on another server. 

upload docs, files, images to your events

3. The file manager will open.  Click the Upload Button.


4. Drag & Drop files from your local computer or click the [Add Files] button to browse to find a document or file.

add files-drag and drop button

5. Select a file to insert into your event and click [Insert] button.

click to insert file or document into your event

Important Notes 

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Last updated: 26 Feb, 2016
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Calendar Setup Options -> Attach a document or file to your event