Delete or change a calendar owner

Each calendar must have an owner.  If your owner needs to be changed, you may assign an existing administrator or manager as the owner or edit and replace the old owner's information with a new person's information. To assign a different owner of your calendar follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Admin Menu > Users & Subscribers
  2. Click to Edit the "Owner" in your user/subscriber list
  3. Click "Assign Different Owner" in the upper right

  4. Choose an existing Administrator or Manager as the new Owner.  Click Set New Owner.
    (If there's no valid admin or manager available, you may exit to add the new person as an administrator or just overwrite the current owner information with the new owner info.)
  5. If necessary, delete the previous owner.

Note:  If the previous owner is listed under your calendar  "Account" you will also want to change the info by clicking Account > Account Details.



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Last updated: 05 Dec, 2018
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Calendar Setup Options -> Delete or change a calendar owner