Import Shabbat Candle lighting times into CalendarWiz

It's easy to import your candle lighting times into CalendarWiz, just follow the steps below.

Step 1:  Start by visiting and enter your zip code to generate the candle lighting times for your location, like this:


Step 2:  Click to go to the "Monthly calendar" option.


Step 3:  Download the candle lighting times to your computer.


Step 4: Select the .CSV file option in your date format.


Step 5:  Next, open this file with MS Excel to review your candle lighting times and holidays.  Edit the file to delete any events that you do not want to import.  To delete an event, delete the entire row that contains the event info.

Save changes and keep file in .CSV format - an excel file will not import into your Calendar.

Quick Tips:

  1. By default, Hebcal provides candle lighting times 3 years into the future.  CalendarWiz, by default, allows you import just 2 years into the future - email us if you'd like to import the full 3 years and we'll adjust your account.
  2. You will likely want to delete the "Location" column and delete the "Show time as" column in the import file. 
  3. You can specify the category that you import these times into by selecting the category just prior to import.  In our example below, we created a category just for the candle lighting times:


If you run into any trouble at all or you'd like our guidance, please do not hesitate to email us at

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Last updated: 03 Aug, 2017
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Calendar Setup Options -> Import Shabbat Candle lighting times into CalendarWiz