Squarespace for category specific full calendar

It's easy to add your CalendarWiz calendar or upcoming events list to a SquareSpace website.  These instructions will make your Calendarwiz calendar "responsive" to the desktop, tablet, or phone device that is viewing it.  Let's start by logging into your CalendarWiz calendar and your SquareSpace site.

‚Äč1.  Click to edit the SquareSpace webpage where you want to insert your full calendar.

2.  Hover and click the teardrop block icon where you want to insert your calendar.


3.  Under the "Basic" section of the menu, click the Embed block icon.


4. The Embed block will open, click the </> to the right of the embed field.

5. Insert simple iframe code to embed your full calendar.  Use the code below.  Just be sure to replace your unique calendar identifier name where we've included the word "yourcalendaridentifier." You have to insert you calendar name in 2 places, just after the crd= in iframe and script tags below. 


Important Note: Be sure that you've selected the categories that you want to display in your upcoming events list. Click here for tips on how to optimize your upcoming events list on phones.

6.   Next, click the gear next to your "Calendar" web page.

7. Click "Advanced" and paste the following code to make the upcoming events list appear on narrow width devices, such as iPhones, Androids, Windows phones, etc.  It may look scary...but it's easier that it looks:)

The code will look like this once you paste it in:

8. Save changes. 

9. Next, navigate to your calendar page while NOT in edit mode to see the full calendar.  Adjust your browser width to see the upcoming events list appear when the browser is narrow.  Test and make any adjustments necessary.

We welcome you to contact us with any questions at  support@calendarwiz.com  We are here to help.

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