Embed Your Calendar into Wix

It's easy to add your CalendarWiz calendar into a Wix website.  These instructions will make your Calendarwiz calendar "responsive" to the desktop, tablet, or phone that is viewing it.  Let's start by logging into your CalendarWiz calendar and your Wix website.

1. Go to the page you want to add your calendar.  Click the Add button > Click More > then under HTML & FLASH > click Embed a Site.

2. Create the Size of your Desktop Page and move it into place.  Note: You can change the width and height of your desktop and mobile page later if needed.  e.g. Desktop W: 1200, H:1600 , Mobile W: 300, H:1600

3. Switch to the Mobile Web Page Editor and create the size of your Mobile Page and move it into place. Tip: Mobile View W:300 H:1600.  You can change these later if needed.

4.  Switch the editor view back to the desktop web editor. Click on the new page, "Enter Website Address" > click the code button. Copy & Paste your the Responsive Code below into your webpage and click the update button.

Important:  insert your calendar name where is says "yourcalendaridentifier" in code below.

If you want to make adjustments, here are the values you can tweak.

crd= calendar name
calwidth= sets full calendar iframe width
calheight = sets full calendar iframe height
theme = upcoming events list theme, you can have more than one events list, if you like.
mobilepref = list (only the upcoming events list view is available. Mini Calendar coming soon:)

nolog=1 to hide the login button on full calendar.  Insert &nolog=1 into script URL

We welcome you to contact us with any questions at  support@calendarwiz.com  We are here to help.

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