Embed CalendarWiz into eCatholic Website

It's easy to add your CalendarWiz calendar or upcoming events list to an eCatholic website.  These instructions will make your calendar "responsive" to the desktop, tablet, or phone that's viewing it.  

Let's start by logging into your CalendarWiz calendar and your eCatholic website.

Here's how it looks...

responsive calendar on dektop and phone image

Here's how it works...

Step 1: Open eCatholic and login.  We need to add new webpage to eCatholic where your calendar will reside.  

You can do this via the "Pages and Navigation" section. Simply, drag a new page to where you want it listed in your website.  Label it "parish-calendar" or something similar. 


Step 2:  Let's add CalendarWiz to that new "parish-calendar" web page.  Go to the new webpage and click [Add Content] in the lower left of eCatholic screen.

Next, click on the Social Media menu and then select the "Custom Embed" module.

Step 3:  Drag the "Custom Embed" module over to your new calendar web page.  Here you'll paste the following code when prompted.

Important:  insert your calendar name where is says "yourcalendaridentifier" in code below. 


If you want to make adjustments, here are the values you can tweak.

crd= calendar name
calwidth= sets full calendar iframe width
calheight = sets full calendar iframe height
theme = upcoming events list theme, you can have more than one events list, if you like.
mobilepref = list (only the upcoming events list view is available. Mini Calendar coming soon:)

Step 4:   The coding is all done:-) Save and publish the calendar web page in eCatholic.   

Go to your calendar page on your phone to view the display of the upcoming events list.  

Step 5:  Customize and optimize your Upcoming Events List to match your site.  It's kind of fun:-)

Go to Admin Menu > under Website Plugins > Upcoming Events List

Note: If you find that your calendar page is narrow with a bunch of links on right side, these links can easily be removed with a quick email to your wonderful eCatholic support team.  Kindly request that your eCatholic support person make your new calendar page a "full-width" page.

If you have any questions at all, email our support team at support@calendarwiz.com

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