Embed Your CalendarWiz into WordPress

It's easy to add your CalendarWiz calendar or upcoming events list to your WordPress website.  Start by logging into your WordPress site.

Step 1: Click to edit an existing calendar webpage or "Add New" Page

Step 2: Click the to go to the "Text" tab.


Step 3:  If your usiing a Responsive WordPress Website Template, paste this code to show the full calendar on desktop devices and the upcoming events list on phones.  Be sure to insert your unique calendar name into the code where it says yourcalendaridentifier.


Important:  be sure to replace "yourcalendaridentifier" with your unique calendar identifier name.
If you want to make any adjustments, here are the values you can tweak.

crd = calendar identifier name
calwidth= sets full calendar iframe width
calheight = sets full calendar iframe height
theme = upcoming events list theme
mobilepref = list (only the upcoming events list view is available at this time. Mini Calendar option coming soon:)
nolog=1 to hide the login button on full calendar.  Insert &nolog=1 into script URL

If you'd rather just embed the full calendar into your web page or your WordPress installation doesn't allow JavaScript, use this HTML iframe code below:



Step 4: Save Draft or Preview Changes.  Make adjustments to height, width, etc.  To test the responsive code, go to your calendar web page on a SmartPhone.  Learn how to optimize your upcoming events list.

Let us know if you run into any issues at all.  Email us at support@calendarwiz.com


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