Embed Your Calendar into SquareSpace

It's easy to add your CalendarWiz calendar or upcoming events list to a SquareSpace website.  These instructions will make your Calendarwiz calendar "responsive" to the desktop, tablet, or phone device that is viewing it.  Let's start by logging into your CalendarWiz calendar and your SquareSpace site.

1.  Click to edit the SquareSpace webpage where you want to insert your full calendar.  In many cases, you'll want to add a new page.

2.  Hover and click the teardrop block icon where you want to insert your calendar.


3.  Under the "Basic" section of the menu, click the Embed block icon.


4. The Embed block will open, click the </> to the right of the embed field.

5. Paste the JavaScript code below into the code area - just be sure to replace your unique calendar name instead of "yourcalendaridentifier" in the code below.

If you want your full calendar open to a specific category or view, use the Website Integration Tool under:

Admin Menu > Website Plugins > Website Integration

The Website Integration Tool lets you set options and it automatically generates the code for you.  When you're ready, just copy and paste the code into your SquareSpace website.

Here's the complete list of parameters than can be adjusted:

crd= calendar identifier name
calwidth= sets full calendar iframe width
calheight= sets full calendar iframe height
theme= upcoming events list theme displayed on phones
mobilepref= list (only the upcoming events list view is available at this time. Mini Calendar option coming soon:)
nolog=1 to hide the login button on full calendar.  Insert &nolog=1 into script URL
cid[]= category id can be set to all or specific category ids
view= by default it's set to month view but may also be set to week, list, or day view. 

8. Save changes in your SquareSpace web page. 

9. Next, navigate to your calendar page while NOT in edit mode to see the full calendar on desktop computers.  Then go to your calendar page to view the upcoming events list on phones.

We welcome you to contact us with any questions at  support@calendarwiz.com  We are always here to help.

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Last updated: 12 Mar, 2018
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