Embed Calendar into Websitebuilder.com

It's easy to embed your CalendarWiz calendar into a websitebuilder.com web page. 

  1. Start by adding a new page to your site, name it "calendar" or something similar.
  2. Click the +Add button in the upper left of your new calendar page.
  3. Click "Widgets" and then "Embed"
  4. Under the "Embed" section select the [Embed HTML] option.

  5. You'll be using an html iframe tag to embed your calendar into the page.  Here is some example code with a width set to 100% -  adjust as necessary.  Be sure to replace your unique calendar identifier name where is says "yourcalendaridentifier" in the code.

  6.  You may adjust the height and width of the calendar.   The width can also be a fixed width, instead of a percentage width.  We find that 100% width works well with responsive websites.  

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Last updated: 05 Apr, 2016
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