What is the difference between Users, Subscribers and Visitors?

Share your calendar with others by adding users and subscribers.  BOTH users and subscribers can receive event Reminders, Invitations, Announcements & Email to List Newsletters as well as RSVP to events.*

Here's how users and subscribers are different...

 Users with Login:

 Email Subscribers:

  • Add & edit events in all or part of calendar
  • Login to view private events
  • Login to view event private notes
  • Signup for email list by website form
  • View public events on calendar
  • Less expensive than users w/ login

Note: each calendar includes an unlimited number of visitors to your public calendar. Subscribers are not visitors, they're members of your calendar email list!

You may add-on subscribers to any CalendarWiz Plan:
50 subscribers – $2/mo or $24/year
150 subscribers – $4/mo or $48/year
500 subscribers – $10/mo or $120/year
1000 subscribers – $15/mo or $180/year
2500 subscribers – $20/mo or $240/year

*  By default, subscribers can receive event emails for public events only.  A calendar administrator can override this with a global setting via: Admin Menu > options > advanced tab > check "Allow private event emails to any user or subscriber."  

More on managing users & subscribers.


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