How to color-code event titles

You can color-code your events titles in a couple of ways.  Read on to see which options will work best for you.

Color code event title colors by category:

Events in a selected category will automatically default to the color/style set for that category.  Use this option to keep consistency in the calendar.

Go to Admin Menu > Categories > [Add] or [Edit]

Quick Tip:  Update your categories legend color too.  Sometimes it looks nice to use the same color for the legend and the event titles.  Learn more.

Color code event title colors in Full Event editor:

Select event colors and styles when adding an event.  Click to add event then [More event options..] to open Full Event editor.

color code event title font styles

Disable event title styling: admins may turn off event title font styling options in the full event editor.
Admin Menu > Options > advanced > uncheck "allow custom style and colors for event titles"

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