Add small images or icons to your event titles

You can insert small images into your event titles.  Please note that we do not formally support this feature. However, if you're up to copying and pasting a little HTML, you may find this article very helpful.

The basic approach is to upload the image to your CalendarWiz calendar and then use the Description & Image tab to generate the image code that can be copied into the event title.  Please note that the ability to upload images & files is not available in the legacy event editor.  Turn on the new Full Event Editor to access the file manager.

1. Upload your image to the File Manager

Click to add event > click [More event options...] > click Description & Images tab > Click the "Insert/Edit Image" button


2.  Next, click the File Manager icon to upload your image.  After you upload the image you can use the "Dimensions" fields to make your image a good size to fit in the calendar view.

3.  Click the blue [Upload] button to upload your image.  Close the window once the upload is complete.

4. Select your image and click the blue [Insert] button.  Tip: keep your file name short - there is a 255 character limit in the event title file.

5. Now comes the fun part.  We're going to adjust the image size so that it will look good in an event title in your main calendar view.  A width of 45px  is a good size to start click to "constrain proportions".


6.  Click OK.  The image will automatically get inserted into your event description.  You can delete it once you've gotten the image code you need.

click source code

7. You'll see an img html tag.  This is the code you will insert into the "event title" field in the Event tab.  

8. Paste the img code into your event title and then type your event title text.


9.  Make any adjustments to img width or height attributes.  You may also want to make the event an "all day" or "no end time" for best display.  Here's what the final product looks like.

clover in event title

Important Note: File Manager works with Chrome, Firefox, Safari 5+, Internet Explorer 10+, iPad iOS6+, Android tablet OS4+

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Last updated: 11 Jun, 2015
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Calendar Setup Options -> Add small images or icons to your event titles