Sporting Events Schedule Setup Guide

Our online calendar and mobile app  make it easy to share your sporting events with team members or fans instantly.   Update game or practice schedules from any PC, tablet, or Smartphone anytime and anywhere.

Here are some features that we think you'll find helpful.

Create Event Categories

Categories are used to group events into separate calendar views.   For example, create a public category for "Men's Baseball"  to share on your website or create a private "Field Practice Schedule" category for internal use only. 

Click the Admin Menu > under Calendar Settings > Categories > Add >

Enter a title > select "who can view events in this category" > Public (A) or Private (B) or  Selected Private (C)  > Save

Upcoming Events List

Add an upcoming events list to a webpage for at-a-glance notification of important events.  Easy to add to any webpage and match color scheme.

Login and go to Admin Menu > Website Plugins > Upcoming Events List >

To learn how to add an upcoming events list to a webpage click here.

Prevent Double Booking of Facility or Location

Prevent double booking of a field or court by creating a saved location and turning on conflict prevention.

Click [Admin Menu]  > Locations  > [Add] a location > Under "Conflict Prevention"  -> Check A and B -> [Save]

When an event is added select a saved location via  Locations tab in the advanced event editor.  The calendar will check to make sure that a location is not double booked.  Once you've added the location, you'll also notice you can filter events by saved location in the full calendar view.  For more information on our conflict prevention feature click here.

Social Media

Allow fans to share your upcoming events on Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin.

Enable social media options via Admin Menu button > under Calendar Settings > Social Media

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