Staff and Vacation Schedule Set Up Guide:

Our Shared Calendar makes it easy to keep track of staff and vacation schedules from any desktop or mobile device.

Create a Vacation or PTO Category:

Many organizations find it helpful to create a category (calendar view) that keeps staff vacation or PTO.  To do this:

Click the Admin Menu button > under Calendar Settings > Categories > Add > Enter a title "Vacation Schedule"  > set "Viewing Permissions" for events in the category > SAVE


Email Reminders & Invites:

Email invites and reminders to staff or team members.  Create a user account for each staff member and be sure to enter his/her email address.  To do this:

Go to Admin Menu > under Calendar Settings "Users and Subscribers"  > Add > Enter user info including an email address > Save

Now, when you click + to add an event click the [More Event Options...] button > Invite & Remind tab >
If you are assigning a job, you can request that your staff member RSVP as Accept, Decline, or Maybe.


Prevent Double Booking of a Person's Schedule:

Click the Admin Menu button > Categories > Add > "John Doe Schedule" > select
"Viewing Permissions" > select "Prevent double booking " codes F and G > Save and repeat for other staff members.

Quick Tip: allow a person to edit only their own category/schedule by making him/her a category manager.  Go to:
Admin Menu > under Calendar Settings "Users & Subscribers"  > [+ New User] >


Share your calendar link with your staff:

Insert your calendar name where it says "
yourcalendaridentifier" in the link above before sharing.

Not sure how to set up your calendar to meet your needs, send us an email at

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