Add the Full CalendarWiz Calendar to a 1&1 Webpage

It is easy to integrate your full CalendarWiz calendar into a 1&1 webpage.  Follow the steps below.

  1. Open your 1&1 website editor.
  2. Click "Insert Elements" then drag the "Widget/HTML"  element to the webpage where you want the calendar.
  3. Go to your CalendarWiz calendar Admin Menu > under Website Plugins > Website Integration > Review tabs to create simple code to paste into the 'Widget/HTML" element on your 1and 1 page.

    Our new "Responsive" tab creates code that's optimized to make your calendar look great on desktop and mobile devices.

  4.  Click  "Page View" to see your calendar.  That's it! 

    You can adjust the "Widget/Html" box placement as well as the width ="100%" and height="1200" in the iframe code to the dimensions that work best for your web page.

More information:
You can create custom links to a specific category combination by using our Website Integration Tool. 
Admin Menu > under Website Plugins > Website Integration

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Last updated: 12 Mar, 2018
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Website Integration -> Add the Full CalendarWiz Calendar to a 1&1 Webpage