Create a "Featured Events" Upcoming Events List:

You can create an upcoming events list that includes only "Special" or "Featured Events" without including all events in a specific category.

Here's how you do it:

  1. First, turn on the "Mirror Category" option via: Admin Menu > under Calendar Settings > Calendar Options > under "View Controls" > "Check to enable event mirror categories" > Save
    (this feature will allow you to add an event to more than one category)
  2. Next, add a new category to your calendar named "Featured Events" or something similar via:

    Admin Menu > under Calendar Settings > Categories > Add > Name the category "Featured Events" > Save

    (You will be mirroring your special events into this category so that you can pull only these events into your upcoming events list.)
  3. Edit/Add Special Events to mirror them into the new "Featured Events" Category.  Do this by selecting the new "Featured Events" category as a mirror category in the add/edit event screen.
  4. Create an Upcoming Events List theme that pulls events from only the "Featured Events" category.

    Go to Admin Menu > Website Plugins > Upcoming Events List > Themes Tab > Click New > Name Theme > Go to Script Tab -> Select the new "Featured Events" category from list > Save

    Customize settings via List Tab and Events Tab > Save
  5. Below is a knowledgebase article providing more information about adding an upcoming events list to your website:

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