Create a "Featured Events" Upcoming Events List:

You can create an upcoming events list that includes only "Special" or "Featured Events" without including all events in a specific category.

Create an Upcoming Events List for Featured Events:

  1. Add a new category to your calendar named "Featured Events" or something similar via:

    Admin Menu > under Calendar Settings > Categories > Add > new category "Featured Events" > Save

    Note: You will be mirroring your special events into this new category so you can pull only these events into the list of your upcoming events.

  2. Edit or add these special events using the Full Event editor and select the new "Featured Events" category in the mirror category dropdown.  If you don't see a mirror category dropdown, you may need to enable that feature. Learn more >>
  3. Create an Upcoming Events List theme that pulls events from only the "Featured Events" category.

    Go to Admin Menu > Website Plugins > Upcoming Events List > Themes Tab > Click New > Name Theme > Go to Script Tab -> Select the new "Featured Events" category from list > Save

    Customize settings via List Tab and Events Tab > Save
  4. Below is a help article providing more information about adding an upcoming events list to your website:

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Website Plugins -> Create a "Featured Events" Upcoming Events List: