Options for Viewing CalendarWiz Events on your Android Phone:

There are two options for getting CalendarWiz events into your Android Phone.  If you want to be able to add and edit events from your phone we recommend using our Mobile interface.  Otherwise, you can set up an iCal feed into your Android's native calendar in read-only format.  Instructions for both options listed below:
Mobile on Android Month View

A.  CalendarWiz Mobile interface allows users to view, add, and edit events in CalendarWiz via the iPhone and Android phones. Calendar visitors may view only public category events.
Get to the Mobile interface (This is not an Android App):

  1. Open your Android browser and enter the following link -
    Replace "yourcalendaridentifier" with your unique calendar identifier:

  2. Select the Mobile interface when prompted by your browser.
  3. The Mobile calendar will appear in month view. 
    Days with a dot beneath the number have events in them and may be viewed with a simple tap.
  4. To  add/edit events or view private category events you must tap to "login" to your Mobile CalendarWiz Calendar.
  5. Mobile Navigation Instructions:
    • Days with a dot beneath the number have events in them and may viewed with a simple touch.
    • Add events to your calendar by clicking the [Add] button
    • Swipe Control and Navigation arrows allow you to go from month to month. 
      Click "Today" to return to the current month.
    • Day view: click on an event to view the event details and description.  Use the "Done" button to return to month view.
  6. Android Users can create an icon for your Home Screen: 
    -Open mobile calendar in browser  -> tap the menu button -> tap "Add Bookmark"
    -Next, long press (for a few seconds) a blank spot on your desktop and click the Add Shortcut button.
    -Then select your calendar bookmark to add to your homescreen.

B. Set up an iCal feed into your Android Phone - this will be a READ-ONLY version of your calendar.

Note:  In order to set up an iCal feed into your Android Calendar you must have a Gmail account and a calendar administrator must enable the iCal feed in your CalendarWiz calendar.

  1.  Set up an iCal feed from your CalendarWiz Calendar

    Login as an Administrator in calendar -> Go to Admin Menu -> iCal and RSS Feeds -> Check “Check to Enable iCal Feed” -> Select desired categories to include in feed -> Save

    Go to your back to your CalendarWiz calendar and click on the Subscribe: iCal / RSS link below the month name. Copy the iCal URL from the window that opens and paste into a notepad.

    Note: only public categories are only available for iCal feeds off the calendar. If you wish to include public and private categories in an iCal feed for personal use, follow the link to the following knowledgebase article on this topic:

  2. Set up a CalendarWiz iCal feed to go into Google Calendar

    Login to Google Calendar -> Go to lower left-hand side “Other Calendars”  -> Click the drop down arrow next to "Other Calendars" and  Select “Add by URL”  -> Paste the CalendarWiz iCal url into the Google URL field -> Select if you want the Calendar to be publicly accessible  on Google -> Click [Add Calendar]

    You will now see your CalendarWiz events appear on the list of "Other calendars." Click on Settings to change the name of the calendar and other features.  Google only refreshes calendar subscriptions every three hours so changes to your CalendarWiz calendar will not appear during this delay period. 

    Note: You cannot make changes to your CalendarWiz calendar from Google, though you can set reminders for CalendarWiz events in Google.

    Troubleshooting:  Google is very aggressive in caching ical feeds.  If you are testing feeds or need to force the Google Calendar to refresh your iCal feed, you can add a &foobar=12345 directly to the end of your iCal url. The foobar component of the URL is to "trick"  Google into thinking it is a different link than the one it has cached. This should give you a complete update.

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