Edit Repeating Events Without Overriding Past Event Info:

You can edit a repeating event without overwriting all events in the repeating event series.  To do this turn on the Smart Update option:

Go to Admin Menu > under Calendar Settings section > Calendar Options > Advanced Options Tab >

Check "Enable Smart Update when editing repeating events" > Save

This "Smart Update" option is helpful for organizations that use repeating events for scheduling purposes or frequently edit repeating events.  Smart Update allows you to change repeating event information after a given date and leave past repeating events intact or only change a typo in a given field without overwriting all events in the repeating event.

SmartUpdate editing options will appear after you click the [Save] button when you choose to "Edit all event in this series" in a repeating event.

More Information:

To edit a repeating event for a date going forward:

  1. Click the (edit) next to an event in the repeating series and select "Edit all events in repeating series"
  2. Make necessary changes to the events in the edit event screen.
  3. Click [Save]
  4. Review your editing options and use the blue "i" icons for more information.
  5. Option B provides the SmartUpdate options that allow you to update only the events with a "date on or after." Select the appropriate "on or after" date to avoid overwriting events that occurred prior to that date. 
  6. Click [Update Using SmartUpdate] button

smart update editing options image

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Calendar Setup Options -> Edit Repeating Events Without Overriding Past Event Info: