Hide Calendar Buttons From Display (e.g. Export, Search, Help, Save as Favorite, Go to Date, etc)

You can hide calendar buttons and controls on your calendar by following the below instructions.

Login to Calendar > Go to Admin Menu > Options > Expert Options Tab > Under "Hide Buttons and Controls" check the appropriate settings >  [Save] Changes

Alternately, you can remove calendar buttons by inserting a specific argument into calendar url a webpage.  In this case, the buttons will only be removed from display when you access the calendar using the url that contains the special argument(s.)

Here is a complete list of the buttons that you can remove from your calendar view . 

Main Calendar Buttons:

    &nosearch=1 - to not show the search button
    &noprint=1 - to not show print button
    &noexport=1 - to not show export button
    &nohelp=1 - to not show help button
    &nogotodate=1 - to not show go to date button
    &noviewsel=1 - to not show the view select button    
    &nolog=1 - to not show login button
    &nocatsel=1 - to not show category selection list

Arguments Specific to the Day View:

    &showcatday=1 - to show category in day view
    &nobarsday=1 - to not show time bars in day view
    &showdescday=1 - to show description in day view
    &desclenday=nnnn - length of description in day view (requires &showdescday=1)

Here is an example url that hides the login, search, print, export, and help buttons.  Be sure to insert your calendar identifier into the example link:


Please note that you can force a button to appear by changing the argument value from a '1' to a '0' - for example the following link below would force the login button to appear:


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Calendar Setup Options -> Hide Calendar Buttons From Display (e.g. Export, Search, Help, Save as Favorite, Go to Date, etc)