Calendar embedded in an iFrame seems to "Dissappear" in Internet Explorer

A few customers have reported an issue with a calendar embedded in an iframe "disappearing"  in Internet Explorer 7 and 8.  We have found that curvycorners.js has been the culprit.   The curveycorners javascript is generally used to get curves on html elements in browsers that do not support curves.

We recommend either not using curvycorners on the calendar page or applying the fix to curvycorners as described below.

Here is an excerpt from

Curvycorners : why sometimes you just shouldn’t use it
Posted on September 30, 2010 by antoine

As of this post’s date, if you are building a complex website, with iframes (eg: facebook social gadgets) or interaction with flash from javascript, you probably do NOT want to use curvycorners.js.

It makes iframes disappear. There’s a fix to put at the end of the curvyCorners () function :

function curvyCorners() {

var i, j, boxCol, settings, startIndex;

/* [......... STUFF ..........] */

var obj = new curvyObject(settings, theBox);




// IFRAME FIX ////////////////////

var iframcount = document.getElementsByTagName('iframe');

for (var yoyo = 0; yoyo < iframcount.length; yoyo++) {



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