Create a Mobile Calendar View to Show Only Selected Categories in your iPhone

You can create a Mobile Calendar View to show only selected categories in your iPhone. The following steps detail how to set up an icon on your iPhone's Home Screen that displays a single category or specific combination of categories.


  1. Login to your calendar on your desktop computer
  2. Go to Admin Menu>Categories
  3. Select a category and click the Edit button
  4. Write down the Category ID: number for the category (upper right)
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 to get Category ID: for all categories
  6. Open your iPhone browser and touch the square boxes icon on lower right
  7. Touch the New Page button on the lower left
  8. Touch the browser link field a the top of the new page
  9. Enter one of the following link formats where ###### is a Category ID. 
    Be sure to insert your unique calendar identifier and category id number into the url.



    You can create a link that opens to more than one category by entering additional Category IDs. You may add &cid[]-###### as many times as you need to get your specific combination of categories.[]=######&cid[]=######

  10. Touch the Go button
  11. Touch the 'CalendarWiz Mobile' button if displayed
  12. Touch the button/arrow button located in the bottom middle
  13. Touch the 'Add to Home Screen' button
  14. Edit the title for the icon to what ever you want
  15. Touch the Add button on the upper right
  16. The icon will then be added to your Home Screen


  1. Touch the first home screen icon to open the calendar
  2. Swipe down to view the browser link field
  3. Touch the browser link field and hold until you see magnifier
  4. Move to the end of the link and back space to clear the category number
  5. Repeat steps 10 to 16 above

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