Use Google Maps for Saved Locations

If you prefer to use Google Maps in your event descriptions, you may  insert some html code into the "Directions" for your Saved Locations.  To do this follow these instructions:

Login to calendar as Administrator -> Go to Admin Menu -> Locations -> [Add] Location -> Do NOT click to show mapquest

Instead, you will insert code that points to a Google map of the Saved Location.  To obtain the iframe code to insert:

  1. Go to:
  2. Type your location's address and click enter. A Google map of your location will appear. 
  3. Click the Menu icon 

    click google map menu icon
  4. Next, click the share or embed map icon

  5. Click on the embed tab and copy the iframe code

  6. Go to your calendar Admin Menu > Locations > Add or Edit a location

    Paste the Google Map code into the "Directions To Location" field of your saved location. 

    Note:  Be sure to paste the code only in the " "Directions To Location"  field.  Also, we recommend that you set your iframe width="400" so that the map looks nice in your event pop up. 

  7. SAVE

Add a saved location to an event:

Click to add an event > [More event options...] > Locations Tab > Select location from "Saved Locations" drop down > 
Click the event popup interactive Google Map for this location will display in the event pop up.

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Last updated: 25 Apr, 2016
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Calendar Setup Options -> Use Google Maps for Saved Locations