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Mobile App Setup Guide for Smartphones (iPhone, Android, Windows, etc.)

Article ID: 80
Last updated: 16 Jun, 2016

It's easy to access the mobile version of your CalendarWiz calendar.  There's nothing to download and no need to go to an app store - we're compatible with all phones and operating systems.

Here's how it works:

Mobile Calendar on iPhone Month View

  1. Open your phone's browser and enter your standard calendar link:

    Be sure to enter your unique calendar name where it says "yourcalendaridentifier"

  2. Select the "Mobile" view when prompted.
  3. Login using your normal email/username and password.
  4. Optionally, access the Mobile App directly via this link:

Mobile Navigation Instructions:

  • Days with a dot beneath the number have events and may viewed with a simple touch.
  • Add events to your calendar by clicking the [Add] button
  • Swipe Control and Navigation arrows allow you to go from month to month. 
    Click "Today" to return to the current month.
  • Day view: click on an event to view the event details and description.  Use the "Done" button to return to month view.


Android Home Screen Shortcut:

Option 1: open the mobile calendar in your smartphone browser  > Tap the Menu button > Tap "Save to Bookmarks" >

Open the Bookmarks Folder via the badge with star seen here:

android bookmark icon

Next, locate your calendar bookmark (in the local bookmark folder) and press and hold your finger on the bookmark.  You'll see a new menu appear and in the list select option to "Add to home screen" or "Add shortcut to home screen."

Option 2: if #1  didn't work, some android phones allow you to add a bookmark to a home screen by doing a long press (for a few seconds) in a blank spot on the home screen  > click the "Add Shortcut" .  Then select your calendar bookmark.

iPhone Home Screen Shortcut: 

Tap the    sign at the bottom of your iPhone -> Select "Add to Home Screen"  -> Name Calendar -> Click Add
The CalendarWiz icon will appear in your iPhone desktop.

For more information on options for viewing the calendar via your specific smartphone, click on a link below:


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