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Print Your Calendar with MS Edge

Article ID: 233
Last updated: 31 May, 2018

We're here to help you get the best possible printout of your calendar.  It's helpful to know that calendar printing is a function of your browser which means that your browser and it's settings can be adjusted to get the best print out.  Once you've set things up, you likely won't need to do it again. 

Here's how to print in MS Edge:

1. Open MS Edge and go to your calendar using your standard calendar link in the following form, where yourcalendaridentifier is your calendar name:


2. Click the menu icon in Edge. Click Print.


3.  Next Edge opens a dilogue box for printing.  Here you can select your printer or print to PDF. 

You'll also want to select the following:

  • Select Landscape mode
  • Headers Off
  • Adjust "Scale" so that whole calendar and legend fits on page.
  • Margins keep as Default but could choose narrow


4. Click Print and Voila!  If you have any questions at all email us at

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