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Self Service Booking Set Up Guide:

Article ID: 189
Last updated: 29 Feb, 2016

CalendarWiz offers an affordable way for a group to reserve and prevent double booking of a room, facility or resource.  Follow the steps below to set up your calendar as a self service booking tool and start saving time!

Add one category for each room or resource:

Click the Admin Menu button > under Calendar Settings > Categories > Add  >

Name the category e.g. "Small Conference Room" > Select "Viewing Permissions" > Next, select code D. Self booking to allow logged-in users to add events in this category but only edit events they created > Select "Prevent double booking" event codes F & G > Save

Repeat the steps above  for each resource you need to book.

 Create user accounts:

Create a user account for each person who will be adding reservations to the calendar.  This is important so that one user cannot delete another user's reservation.

To add or import users go to Admin Menu > under Calendar Settings >  Users and Subscribers >  [Invite User] and add user information >  Allow user to create their own password or create one for them.

 [Save] > Repeat for each person that will be making reservations

Important Note: do not make these users administrators or managers of the calendar unless you want them to be able to edit other people's reservations.

Click here for help importing users

Optionally, turn on our "Busy" feature:

Turn on the "Busy" feature to prevent one user from viewing another user's event details.  If you are not permitted to edit an event, you will only view see the text "Busy" or "Reserved" in place of the event title.  Calendar administrators will be able to view all event details.  If you can edit an event you can view the event details, e.g. a user can view/edit/delete a reservation that he/she made.

To set this option:

Click the Admin Menu > under Calendar Settings > Calendar Options > Advanced tab > Check the box in the "Show Events As Busy" section.

Note: The text to display in the event title may be customized > Save

Please note that this is a global calendar setting and it will affect all events in the calendar.

Relabel the Category Selection List:

By default new calendars have a category dropdown list labeled "Select Category" but it may make more sense to your users if you relabel the dropdown list "Select Room" or something more descriptive of the resources that users are booking.  

Go to Admin Menu > Calendar Options > under View Controls section  > edit text under "Label to Show Above Category Selection List" > Save

Not sure how to set up your calendar to meet your needs? Send us an email at

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