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Is CalendarWiz compatible with Constant Contact?

Article ID: 188
Last updated: 20 Nov, 2014

If you currently use Constant Contact for your event registration there is an easy way to link CalendarWiz events to a Constant Contact event registration page, allowing you to leverage the many helpful features CalendarWiz has to offer businesses and communities.

Set up CalendarWiz so that when a person clicks on an event title in a CalendarWiz full calendar, upcoming events list, or mini calendar it will open to the event's registration page url.  Follow the set up steps below.

  1. Go to Admin Menu > Options > Expert Options > Event More Info Link Options >

    Check box "On title click, go directly to event's More Info Link " -> "Select More Info Link Action Type" to control how that click behaves > Save

  2. Now, add an event to CalendarWiz  that  has an already existing registration page.  Click the green  + to add event to a day in CalendarWiz and click create an Advance Event.  Under "Description" tab insert the registration page URL into the  "Web Page Link For More Information" field.  To get your event's registration page URL simply go to the events registration page and copy the URL in the browser bar.  Be sure to Save your event.
  3. Click on the event title in your CalendarWiz calendar - it will now automatically open to the registration page.  Events without a URL in the more info link will open an event detail pop up.

Other helpful CalendarWiz features:

Add an Upcoming Events List to your web page:

Share your events on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin:

Website Calendar Setup Guide:

Feel free to contact support at with any questions.

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