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Import and Export
document Import your Google Calendar Events into CalendarWiz
It is easy to import your Google Calendar events into CalendarWiz.  First, let's export your events from Google Calendar. Export events from...
document iCal Feed Override for Days Back and Days ahead.
Insert the following parameters into your iCal link to specify days ahead and days back. &ical_days_ahead=300 (will allow you to pull...
document Import Subscribers or Contacts
It's easy to import "subscribers" or "contacts" into CalendarWiz.  Import your email list from another application like Outlook, Constant...
document Import Your Constant Contact Email List into CalendarWiz
If you use Constant Contact for Email Marketing, it's easy to import your "Contacts" into CalendarWiz to bring your email list and...
document Import Your MailChimp Email List into CalendarWiz
If you use MailChimp for Email Marketing, it's easy to import your MailChimp email list into CalendarWiz to bring your email list and...

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