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It’s come to our attention that the WebEx Web Office service will be shutting down, with End-of-Life on November 30th 2014. We understand that many folks will be searching for alternative software to run businesses, personal, or family calendars online.

Free Support

Our CalendarWiz support team is here to help import your existing calendar into CalendarWiz and set up the calendar to meet your needs.


We offer everything you need in an online calendar, including:

  • Easily added to any Intranet
  • Color-coding and filtering by calendar category
  • Desktop or Mobile access to your calendar
  • Multi-User Editing
  • Prevent Double Booking
  • Automatic Reminders & Announcements
  • Email Newsletters

If you have questions about our products please contact support@calendarwiz.com

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The CalendarWiz Team

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