Calendar Enhancements Are Headed Your Way

Dear Customers,

This Monday, March 3rd, 2014, you’ll notice some reorganization and enhancements being made to the top section of your calendar. These changes won’t affect calendar operation and don’t require any action on your part.

Let’s take a look at some of the improvements you’ll likely notice right off the bat.

Login button is now located to the far-right of your calendar’s gray navigation bar.

The login button has been relocated

Once you login to your calendar, a new Logged in Navigation Bar appears just above the gray bar. Here you’ll find the Add Event and Admin Menu buttons. The Logged in Navigation Bar is visible only to logged in calendar editors and not visible to calendar or website visitors.

New Logged in Navigation Bar

Export, iCal/RSS and Suggest an Event forms have been redesigned and no longer open in new browser window. This change will eliminate the risk of browser pop-up blockers preventing your visitors from accessing these cool features.

We’ve also relocated the iCal/RSS feed  as a button on the gray navigation bar to make it easier for visitors and users to subscribe to your calendar.

Redesigned calendar forms

The Go To Date button has been redesigned and now opens quickly, instead of opening a new window.

New Go to Date picker

If you use our Suggest Event feature, you’ll notice that the Logged in Navigation bar will now include a red label indicating the number of “new” event suggestions. Click it to manage your suggested events as you always have.  Only logged-in administrators and permitted logged in managers will view the suggest event label.

New location for Suggested Events

Login screen has also been redesigned.

Login screen redesign

All calendars will be upgraded on March 3rd 2014.

These updates come to you at no additional costs or fees, and no action is required on your part. As always if you have questions, comments or feedback in general, please drop us a line at or leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to mark your calendar!

Mike Hommé
Director of Product Development


Ron Porter

We use the monthly calendar but when we get near the end of the month we need to click back and forth to the previous month. Can you get it to scroll?

What makes this also cumbersome is the fact that when we are at the end of the month we only have the last two weeks or so visible so in order to get to the next month we have to first scroll up then click over. I see above that there is now some sort of link at the month bottom but I do not see any explanation. Are these links to go forward and backward without having to scroll up?

Jamie Moore

Hi Ron,
Its sounds like adding an option that allows month to month navigation arrows at the bottom of the calendar might be helpful – especially in calendars with a lot of events:) Thanks for the feedback we will pass it a long to our Development Team.

Jamie Moore

Good news, we’ve added the month to month navigation arrows to the bottom of our calendars. Thanks again for your feedback.


YAY!!! Improvements look great. Any word on setting up preferences to prevent adding events during a specific time? For example, students may not know the facility hours so they just recommend any time frame for their event. It would be nice to have a setting that would create a red text at the top preventing the event to even be submitted because it is outside facility hours. I have been recommended to add “events” saying that we are closed on the calendar but then our calendar becomes too cluttered.

Jamie Moore

Hi Tabitha,
Glad you like what you see:) These and future changes are laying a foundation for future developments such as subscriber emailing and event registration. The ability to prevent adding events during a specific time would definitely fall under event registration. Thanks for sharing what would be helpful to your University – we will pass this along to Development.

Jim Robinson

I notice that “previous month” and “following month” are not shown in your images above. Are they being eliminated. Also if you are keeping them, why can’t I click on the date of next month and have the calendar go there instead of using the “go to date”.
Can I remove the “suggest event” button if it is something I do not want?
Is there a way to set the default for Announce & Remind to be “1 Day” and “send emails to all persons in calendar”
Also any possibility of having two reminders for the same event at different intervals? (i.e. 1 day before, and also 1 hour before)
In the Add New Event section under “event” why can I type numbers for minutes but not for hour. And when I change the start time for many other program menus the end time changes to be 1 hours later, and I don’t have to change it separately (or get the error ending time is earlier than start time).

Jamie Moore

Hi Jim,
The previous and next month mini calendars are not going away – in fact we’re updating their look a bit as well as making it so that you can click anywhere on the mini calendar to go to the previous or next month (instead of having to click on the month title.) Our example images just didn’t happen to include the mini calendars.
Regarding the suggest event button- if you do not have the suggest event feature enabled in your calendar you will not see a suggest event button or notification link in your calendar. Thanks for your suggestions regarding the multiple event reminders and automatic an event end time interval. We will forward your requests to our Development team.

Jamie Moore

Hi Mary, your suggest event link will work just as it always has.
The only difference is that we’ve moved the “new” suggested events notification for logged in administrators and permitted managers to the “logged in navigation” bar making it easier to notice when you have new events suggested to your calendar. Thanks for the question:)

Rick Pothier

I would really like be able to make a multiday event appear more like the Outlook style calendars, where you can spread one event over several days with a bar, rather then repeating the even on each day. It would also be nice to use colors on the bars.

Jamie Moore

Thanks Rick,
We’ve forwarded your request to our Development Team. We do plan to offer this feature in the future, we’ll be sure to let you know when it’s available.

Tricia Gregory

Looking forward in seeing how it works! I’m really glad to see you are changing it to an easier and faster way to get to a certain date (different month).

Jamie Moore

Thanks Tricia,
Yes, we think you’ll find the new “Go to Date” picker to be a lot quicker and nicer to look at:) Also, next and previous month mini calendars will let you to click anywhere on the mini calendars to navigate month to month. Let us know what you think!

Joan Marie

Am I able to post images on the calendar days and/or event descriptions? If so, how do I find the process?


I would really like the option to post an event to multiple categories. For instance, Parent-Teacher conferences should go on our Faculty category and the Parent category of our school calendar.
Any plans for that in the near future?

Carolyn Reynolds

I noticed the Calendar in the “Go To Date” option begins on Monday. It threw me off before I realized the difference from my calendar which begins on Sunday. Any chance of giving an option to change which day the GTD calendar begins on?

Jamie Moore

Hi Carolyn,
We put in a fix. The “Go to Date” picker will now reflect a calendar’s “week start day” set up. Thanks for the heads up.


Will there be a smartphone app? It would be nice to be able to log in with an app on our smartphone, which would automatically sinc Calendarwiz events with our personal iPhone (smartphone) calendar events. I wouldn’t mind paying a fee for this option. Would make life way easier for a lot of us. Thanks,


Jamie Moore

Good news – we do have a Mobile App and at no additional charge. Rather than going to your phone’s app store, simply open your smartphone’s browser and type in the standard link to your calendar. A standard link is in the following form:

Be sure to enter your unique calendar identifier name into the above link. Next, we’ll ask you to select the Desktop or Mobile calendar view, select the Mobile view. For more on the CalendarWiz Mobile App:

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