Searching for Calendar Events

You can enable the search function on your calendar by logging in as a calendar administrator > Admin Menu > Calendar Options > under the heading View Controls, select the box for “Use search plugin on main calendar”.

Options in the search plugin can be edited by going to Admin Menu > Event Search.

Calendar Administrators can edit the following Search Widget configurations:

Date Range: Finds events only within the given start and end dates.
Text Search: Finds events with text strings anywhere in the event title, description or location fields.
Zip Code Proximity: Finds events with a location zip code within the specified number of miles of the given zip code.

Note: Only US zip codes are available for the proximity search. Non US postal codes can be found using the Zip/Postal field in the Location Text search method.

Category List: Finds events in the categories checked in the category drop down check list.
Locations List: Finds events occurring at the locations checked in the locations drop down check list. To be included, locations must be saved as reusable locations in the calendar. Use the Locations Text search to find events at location that are not saved as reusable locations.
Locations Text: Finds events having any of the text entered into the location name, street address, city/town, state/province, zip/postal code or country.


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