Calendar Attachments & Images


We’re excited to announce that earlier this month CalendarWiz released a new feature dubbed, the File Manager*. Our goal was to make attaching files and embedding images in your events as simple, and fast as sending an email.

All calendar plans come with FREE storage for up to 100 files. If you need more than that you can easily upgrade to allow for more storage at any time.

To be fair, we’ve actually always allowed attachments and images in events, but adding them to the event was admittedly not easy. Until now, you had to do it the way most other shared calendar services do. You would’ve needed an account with a file hosting service such as Photobucket, Imgur, or Google Drive, etc. Then upload your files there, find the way to copy a public link, head back to your calendar, and paste the snippet of HTML into an event; today that’s all changed.

From now on, all you need to do is open the File Manager, upload your files directly to your calendar, then embed or attach them with a click or two. Simple! The File Manager also stores your files in the cloud, so no matter what computer or tablet you’re using, your files will be there waiting. You can make use of these files in other places in CalendarWiz, too, adding your logo to reminder and announcement email templates, for example. You’ll find that you can set files as favorites, create folders to keep them organized, and quickly search across all files and images.


Getting started with the File Manager is a cinch, in fact, it’s already been added to your calendar.  You don’t have to do a thing except start using it. Simply go to the full event editor and click over to the Description & Images tab. You’ll see these icons, all of which can be used to start uploading files for your events. The icon to the far left opens the File Manager directly, the other two icons work as they always have, but also include the icon to launch the File Manager.


1. When the File Manager opens for the first time it’ll look like this. Start by clicking the Upload button at the top left of the window that appears.


2. On the Upload screen, drag and drop files onto the window, or use the Add files button at the bottom right.


3. Once you’ve selected your files, click the Upload button at the bottom right of the window.


4. Once the upload is finished click the Insert button at the bottom right of the window.


5. Your file is ready to be attached or inserted into your event. If you’re inserting an image, go ahead and click the Insert button to embed it. If it’s a PDF or Word document, for example, click the Close button, then use the Insert Link icon to attach it.

Please remember that your files are stored publicly and are accessible by a standard URL. If your files contain sensitive data, we recommend securing them with a password, or encrypting them before uploading to your calendar.

* File Manager works with Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 10+, Safari 5+, iPad iOS 6+, Android tablet OS 4+. Cookies be turned on.

As always we’re excited to hear from you about new features and hope you enjoy your new way of working with your calendar.

That’s all for now, thanks for reading!


Restaurants Run Smoothly with CalendarWiz


Operating a restaurant efficiently can be very demanding. It’s often one or two individuals balancing marketing, the staff schedule, and website/social media updates, all just a few hours before opening.

CalendarWiz allows restaurants to update event information in one place and instantly promote menu specials or entertainment events on their website and Facebook fan page. Sharing staff schedules and meetings is easy with our mobile app and event announcements and reminders.

“Your calendar has been awesome, I love it.  The Mobile App and event reminders help coordinate our server schedules. “

Jennifer Piallat – Zazie Restaurant Owner

How restaurants are using CalendarWiz


Upcoming Events List

Share specials and entertainment at-a-glance on your homepage or mobile site.
Match website colors.

Staff & Vacation Schedule

Staff can access their schedules anytime from PC, tablet, or Smartphone.

Mobile App

Add/edit/view events from your Smartphone and instantly update upcoming events list or website calendar.

Website Calendar

Share your full calendar with website visitors. Easy to add and customize colors.

Social Media

Share your events on Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin.

Event Reminders

Notify staff of schedule and remind about upcoming shifts.

Room Bookings

Prevent double booking of a room or private area from desktop or mobile device. Select specific users that can edit/view room bookings.

Check out more CalendarWiz features.

Five Reasons You Need a Web Calendar

web calendar

It’s 2015 and we’re accustomed to looking  up any information we want at the touch of our fingertips. Wifi connections and web browsers are all around us. There’s likely a web browser at your desk, in your pocket, or maybe even in your television.

When is the last time you checked the newspaper for stock quotes, sports scores or your favorite T.V. shows?  Getting real-time information using our smart phones, tablets and computers has become part of the daily routine.

You can make sure your website visitors are seeing the most up to date and accurate schedule or event information by using a web calendar.  It’s the easy, fast and affordable way to instantly share your events.

The Benefits of a Web Calendar

  1. Fast easy updates.

    You can allow anyone from your organization or business to update and edit the calendar. You don’t have to wait for your web designer or IT person to make updates to your website.  If you’re out of the office or on the road you can still update the calendar in just a few seconds.  Our mobile App lets you edit the calendar on the go.

  2. Keep your visitors in the loop.

    If an event is canceled or there is a time change you don’t want people to drive across town only to find an empty parking lot or closed building.  If you have new products, classes or volunteer opportunities use the calendar to promote them, helping to get more participation and involvement. Visitors to the calendar can subscribe to events, email them to others, or share them on social media.

  3. Fresh content for your webpage.

    The calendar or a web plugin (Upcoming Events List, Mini Calendar) can fill some nice real estate on your web page. It’s an easy way to fill an area of a web page with fresh up to date content. You can customize the calendar’s colors and styles to match your brand or website.

  4. Save time, consolidate your applications.

    Use one application to do it all.  You can update the calendar and broadcast email announcements & reminders about your events.  Also use private views for internal schedules and private notes for special event details.  No need to use a .PDF, spread sheet, send emails and edit a webpage.

  5. Interact with your visitors.

    Use the suggest an event button on the calendar to allow your website visitors to submit event information and details.  Upon review, suggested events can then be added to the calendar.  Your visitors can subscribe to your calendar, email your events or share them on Facebook and Twitter.

If you have any questions or need help setting up your calendar please Email CalendarWiz

The CalendarWiz Team