Invites & Reminders with RSVP

Shared Calendar with RSVP

We’re excited to announce that Invite with RSVP is now available in your calendar.  Start sending invites to calendar users and email subscribers.  Request a RSVP as Accept, Decline, or Maybe.  You also have the option to track attendance for your event!



How it Works

1. Sending an Invitation

Start by adding an event.  Next, go to the “Invite & Remind” to send an invitation or event announcement.


2. Select Your Email List

Select attendees and set reminders as you always have.  It’s easier to add subscribers without going to the Admin Menu.


3. Track Event RSVPs

Instant RSVP email notifications & attendee comments are sent to the designated RSVP contact.  To get a RSVP summary, simply edit your event and go to the “Invite & Remind” tab.   If someone RSVPs over the phone or in person, you can edit the RSVP yourself.  




If you like, set up a default RSVP Contact in the Admin Menu > Calendar Options > Expert tab



4. Attendance Tracking

Use the ‘Attended’ column to keep track of who attended an event.  The attendee list will remain intact for future reference.  If you like, sort or print the list for your records.



Features to use with RSVP:

Reminder Email Template:

Change the colors and styles of the invite and reminder templates. Learn more.

Smart Update:

If you add a lot of repeating events, we’d suggest turning on our SmartUpdate feature to preserve event information. In other words, it will let you edit a repeating event without overwriting individual event content and RSVP data.

File Manager:

Attach documents or insert an image into your event.  Documents will be included in your event invite, announcement, or reminder.  Learn more about attaching documents to an event or inserting an image into an event.


It’s our sincere hope that this feature makes your day a bit easier. How will you use Invite with RSVP?  Please share your feedback or how you’re using Invite with RSVP in the comments section below.

RSVP & Attendance Tracking

Use the Full Event editor to request a RSVP to an event invitation, announcement or reminder.   Track attendance and print for your records.  Review this user guide to learn how it works.

1. Set up an Invitation

Start by adding an event.  Fill in your important event details.  To send an invitation or announcement, go to the “Invite & Remind” tab in the full event editor.


Default RSVP contact:  you may set up a default person to receive RSVP email response notifications.

Admin Menu > Calendar Options > Expert tab


2. Select Your Email List

Under “Send emails to…” select to either send to “Everyone in my calendar” or  click the [Select Attendees] button to pick specific people.  Calendar administrators can add a new user while in the event editor.



You may also include a short note at the top of your invitation, announcement or reminder emails.  Use this note to communicate updates, time changes, or just a friendly note.


3. Track Event RSVPs

If you requested a RSVP in your email, your recipients can respond as Accept, Decline or Maybe, and include a comment if they wish.



Instant RSVP notifications and RSVP comments will be emailed to the event coordinator.


For a summary of RSVPs, edit the event and go to the Invite & Remind tab.   If someone RSVPs over the phone, just edit their record yourself.



4. Attendance Tracking

Use the ‘Attended’ column to track attendance for your event. Event Attendee RSVP and Attendance information will remain intact for your records.  You may also print your list to bring to the event or keep as a paper record.



Make the Switch to the New Event Editor

If you’re using the legacy editor you’ve likely been a customer for years.  Thank you!  We want you to get the most out of CalendarWiz, that’s why we’re asking you to switch to the newest version of our event editor.


Here are just a few reasons to make the switch…

1.  Invite with RSVP

Invite people to your events or meetings and request an RSVP.  You’ll get instant email notifications when folks RSVP as Accept, Decline or Maybe.
Learn More

2.  Upload documents and images to events

Upload documents & images to your events in a snap. It’s as easy as adding an attachment to an email.
Learn More


3. New Feature: Add Multi-Day Banner Events

A multi-day banner event is an individual event that spans more than one day, for example a vacation, seminar, project, travel schedule or fundraiser.  These events appear as a banner from the event start day to the event end day.  Depending on your settings you might need to request this feature by emailing us at
Learn More


4.  Functionality you can count on.

The new event editor isn’t really new.  It’s been around for over a year and users have added over 3 million events with it.  We’ve made adjustments based on user feedback, and will continue to do so.

Review this user guide for a tab by tab overview of the full event editor features.   Share this guide, using the link below, to help your calendar editors become familiar with the new layout.


Ready to use these new features?

Simply, go back to your calendar and click the [Yes, turn on new editor] button at the top of your calendar’s notification banner.

Or,   go Admin Menu> Options > Advanced Options tab > uncheck  ‘Use Legacy Editor’ > Save



We welcome your feedback

Please share your feedback in the comments section below.  We’re happy to answer any questions you may have.  You can always email us at