New Full Event editor

Our new Full Event editor is packed with enhancements.  It’s smartphone & tablet friendly, lets you attach documents and images as well as allows code-free styling of event descriptions.  Built with the most modern web technologies, it’ll allow us to release fixes and improvements to your calendar faster than ever before.

New Feature: upload documents, files, and images to events.
Available only in the new Full Event editor.  Follow instructions to turn off the legacy event editor.

New Feature: Invite with RSVP
RSVP feature is only available using the new Full Event Editor.  Update now so you don’t miss out on new features.

To Enable the New Event Editor

Go to Admin Menu -> Options -> Advanced Options tab and uncheck the box ‘Use Legacy Editor’

To enable the new event editor, uncheck "Use Legacy Event Editor" in Admin Menu -> Options.

New Full Event editor layout

Click + in a day cell to add an event.  If the Quick Event editor opens, simply click the [More event options…] button to open the Full Event editor.  Review the tabs at the top of the Full Event editor to get an overview of its powerful features.  You’ll notice that Locations now have their own “Location” tab. .  Repeating events controls grouped for easier to understanding.

New Advanced Editor Layout
Important Note: we’ve also enhanced the “Description & Images” tab to allow image and document uploads to events.

“When You Need Them” Popup Controls

Convenient popup controls appear only when you need them, reducing interface clutter.

"When You Need" them controls

New ‘Checkbox’ Recipient Selection

This intuitive check box selection of announcement and reminder recipients is able to handle larger recipient list.

New ‘Checkbox’ Recipient Selection

Event Description Style Editor

WSIWIG editor allows text styling, inserting images.  No more dealing with HTML code, unless of course you want to. : )

Event Description Style Editor


So, with that, the New Event Editor is available now and we hope you’ll give it a try!

This update comes to you at no additional cost. As always if you have questions, comments or feedback in general, please drop us a line at or leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading, and enable the new editor today!

Mike Hommé
Director of Product Development