RSVP & Attendance Tracking

Use the Full Event editor to request a RSVP to an event invitation, announcement or reminder.   Track attendance and print for your records.  Review this user guide to learn how it works.

1. Set up an Invitation

Start by adding an event.  Fill in your important event details.  To send an invitation or announcement, go to the “Invite & Remind” tab in the full event editor.


Default RSVP contact:  you may set up a default person to receive RSVP email response notifications.

Admin Menu > Calendar Options > Expert tab


2. Select Your Email List

Under “Send emails to…” select to either send to “Everyone in my calendar” or  click the [Select Attendees] button to pick specific people.  Calendar administrators can add a new user while in the event editor.



You may also include a short note at the top of your invitation, announcement or reminder emails.  Use this note to communicate updates, time changes, or just a friendly note.


3. Track Event RSVPs

If you requested a RSVP in your email, your recipients can respond as Accept, Decline or Maybe, and include a comment if they wish.



Instant RSVP notifications and RSVP comments will be emailed to the event coordinator.


For a summary of RSVPs, edit the event and go to the Invite & Remind tab.   If someone RSVPs over the phone, just edit their record yourself.



4. Attendance Tracking

Use the ‘Attended’ column to track attendance for your event. Event Attendee RSVP and Attendance information will remain intact for your records.  You may also print your list to bring to the event or keep as a paper record.



Make the Switch to the New Event Editor

If you’re using the legacy editor you’ve likely been a customer for years.  Thank you!  We want you to get the most out of CalendarWiz, that’s why we’re asking you to switch to the newest version of our event editor.


Here are just a few reasons to make the switch…

1.  Invite with RSVP

Invite people to your events or meetings and request an RSVP.  You’ll get instant email notifications when folks RSVP as Accept, Decline or Maybe.
Learn More

2.  Upload documents and images to events

Upload documents & images to your events in a snap. It’s as easy as adding an attachment to an email.
Learn More


3. New Feature: Add Multi-Day Banner Events

A multi-day banner event is an individual event that spans more than one day, for example a vacation, seminar, project, travel schedule or fundraiser.  These events appear as a banner from the event start day to the event end day.  Depending on your settings you might need to request this feature by emailing us at
Learn More


4.  Functionality you can count on.

The new event editor isn’t really new.  It’s been around for over a year and users have added over 3 million events with it.  We’ve made adjustments based on user feedback, and will continue to do so.

Review this user guide for a tab by tab overview of the full event editor features.   Share this guide, using the link below, to help your calendar editors become familiar with the new layout.


Ready to use these new features?

Simply, go back to your calendar and click the [Yes, turn on new editor] button at the top of your calendar’s notification banner.

Or,   go Admin Menu> Options > Advanced Options tab > uncheck  ‘Use Legacy Editor’ > Save



We welcome your feedback

Please share your feedback in the comments section below.  We’re happy to answer any questions you may have.  You can always email us at

Calendar Attachments & Images


We’re excited to announce that earlier this month CalendarWiz released a new feature dubbed, the File Manager*. Our goal was to make attaching files and embedding images in your events as simple, and fast as sending an email.

All calendar plans come with FREE storage for up to 100 files. If you need more than that you can easily upgrade to allow for more storage at any time.

To be fair, we’ve actually always allowed attachments and images in events, but adding them to the event was admittedly not easy. Until now, you had to do it the way most other shared calendar services do. You would’ve needed an account with a file hosting service such as Photobucket, Imgur, or Google Drive, etc. Then upload your files there, find the way to copy a public link, head back to your calendar, and paste the snippet of HTML into an event; today that’s all changed.

From now on, all you need to do is open the File Manager, upload your files directly to your calendar, then embed or attach them with a click or two. Simple! The File Manager also stores your files in the cloud, so no matter what computer or tablet you’re using, your files will be there waiting. You can make use of these files in other places in CalendarWiz, too, adding your logo to reminder and announcement email templates, for example. You’ll find that you can set files as favorites, create folders to keep them organized, and quickly search across all files and images.


Getting started with the File Manager is a cinch, in fact, it’s already been added to your calendar.  You don’t have to do a thing except start using it. Simply go to the full event editor and click over to the Description & Images tab. You’ll see these icons, all of which can be used to start uploading files for your events. The icon to the far left opens the File Manager directly, the other two icons work as they always have, but also include the icon to launch the File Manager.


1. When the File Manager opens for the first time it’ll look like this. Start by clicking the Upload button at the top left of the window that appears.


2. On the Upload screen, drag and drop files onto the window, or use the Add files button at the bottom right.


3. Once you’ve selected your files, click the Upload button at the bottom right of the window.


4. Once the upload is finished click the Insert button at the bottom right of the window.


5. Your file is ready to be attached or inserted into your event. If you’re inserting an image, go ahead and click the Insert button to embed it. If it’s a PDF or Word document, for example, click the Close button, then use the Insert Link icon to attach it.

Please remember that your files are stored publicly and are accessible by a standard URL. If your files contain sensitive data, we recommend securing them with a password, or encrypting them before uploading to your calendar.

* File Manager works with Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 10+, Safari 5+, iPad iOS 6+, Android tablet OS 4+. Cookies be turned on.

As always we’re excited to hear from you about new features and hope you enjoy your new way of working with your calendar.

That’s all for now, thanks for reading!


Restaurants Run Smoothly with CalendarWiz


Operating a restaurant efficiently can be very demanding. It’s often one or two individuals balancing marketing, the staff schedule, and website/social media updates, all just a few hours before opening.

CalendarWiz allows restaurants to update event information in one place and instantly promote menu specials or entertainment events on their website and Facebook fan page. Sharing staff schedules and meetings is easy with our mobile app and event announcements and reminders.

“Your calendar has been awesome, I love it.  The Mobile App and event reminders help coordinate our server schedules. “

Jennifer Piallat – Zazie Restaurant Owner

How restaurants are using CalendarWiz


Upcoming Events List

Share specials and entertainment at-a-glance on your homepage or mobile site.
Match website colors.

Staff & Vacation Schedule

Staff can access their schedules anytime from PC, tablet, or Smartphone.

Mobile App

Add/edit/view events from your Smartphone and instantly update upcoming events list or website calendar.

Website Calendar

Share your full calendar with website visitors. Easy to add and customize colors.

Social Media

Share your events on Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin.

Event Reminders

Notify staff of schedule and remind about upcoming shifts.

Room Bookings

Prevent double booking of a room or private area from desktop or mobile device. Select specific users that can edit/view room bookings.

Check out more CalendarWiz features.

Five Reasons You Need a Web Calendar

web calendar

It’s 2015 and we’re accustomed to looking  up any information we want at the touch of our fingertips. Wifi connections and web browsers are all around us. There’s likely a web browser at your desk, in your pocket, or maybe even in your television.

When is the last time you checked the newspaper for stock quotes, sports scores or your favorite T.V. shows?  Getting real-time information using our smart phones, tablets and computers has become part of the daily routine.

You can make sure your website visitors are seeing the most up to date and accurate schedule or event information by using a web calendar.  It’s the easy, fast and affordable way to instantly share your events.

The Benefits of a Web Calendar

  1. Fast easy updates.

    You can allow anyone from your organization or business to update and edit the calendar. You don’t have to wait for your web designer or IT person to make updates to your website.  If you’re out of the office or on the road you can still update the calendar in just a few seconds.  Our mobile App lets you edit the calendar on the go.

  2. Keep your visitors in the loop.

    If an event is canceled or there is a time change you don’t want people to drive across town only to find an empty parking lot or closed building.  If you have new products, classes or volunteer opportunities use the calendar to promote them, helping to get more participation and involvement. Visitors to the calendar can subscribe to events, email them to others, or share them on social media.

  3. Fresh content for your webpage.

    The calendar or a web plugin (Upcoming Events List, Mini Calendar) can fill some nice real estate on your web page. It’s an easy way to fill an area of a web page with fresh up to date content. You can customize the calendar’s colors and styles to match your brand or website.

  4. Save time, consolidate your applications.

    Use one application to do it all.  You can update the calendar and broadcast email announcements & reminders about your events.  Also use private views for internal schedules and private notes for special event details.  No need to use a .PDF, spread sheet, send emails and edit a webpage.

  5. Interact with your visitors.

    Use the suggest an event button on the calendar to allow your website visitors to submit event information and details.  Upon review, suggested events can then be added to the calendar.  Your visitors can subscribe to your calendar, email your events or share them on Facebook and Twitter.

If you have any questions or need help setting up your calendar please Email CalendarWiz

The CalendarWiz Team

Avoid Room Scheduling Snafus in 2015

The #1 reason for frustration at work is the unexpected, and often time-consuming, snafu in the day.  When there’s a room scheduling conflict, there is a lot of scrambling to find a new room and pointing fingers to blame the person responsible for the double booking.

If paper or spreadsheet methods for reserving a room are letting you down, the solution may be as simple (and affordable) as an shared online calendar.

Michael Martinho, the Facility Operations Director at UNC Wellness Center, understands just how important a shared calendar can be when it comes to room scheduling.


uncwellness logo

“Before CalendarWiz, it was difficult for staff from different departments to see schedules and reserve a room. Now, we have a core team of calendar managers that can schedule a classroom or conference room from anywhere.”


The advantages to using a shared calendar certainly go beyond room scheduling.  Shared calendars by CalendarWiz include website plugins that provide instant updates to your website as well – a very helpful feature for the UNC Wellness Center as they offer hundreds of classes to their valued members each week.


“We added the full calendar to our website and Facebook Page for its ease of use, speed and user-friendly format. We also added the CalendarWiz mobile version to our site so that our members can easily access the calendar on mobile devices.” – Michael Martinho

When it comes to sharing rooms or facilities in the new year, the calendar you share is at the heart of it all.  We welcome you to learn how CalendarWiz can help with your room scheduling.

A Shared Calendar

CalendarWiz offers many different ways to organize and share your calendars with your team, community, or other groups. When you first create your calendar you’re also creating a simple web link which can be sent to anyone you wish to access your calendar. All the person needs to do is click the link and your calendar will open in any browser or smartphone.

Now, we know the ability to share a calendar with others is extremely important if not a necessity for most businesses, schools and other organizations, but what if you need to share private information with an internal group, and also need allow other events and information to be visible publicly on your website? With CalendarWiz this is easily accomplished by creating user accounts and categories with the appropriate access rights, to each of your events.

Social Media

Speaking of sharing, who’s on Facebook? That’s right; with the click of a button your events can easily be shared and liked on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. What a great way to promote upcoming events in your community, or driving up the head-count at your restaurants karaoke night, we know, you love karaoke.

Sharing Online

A stand-alone calendar link is a great way to get going with sharing, but why stop there? With CalendarWiz you can share your calendar in other cool ways such as embedding them directly into a website, mobile app, or even Facebook in the form of an Upcoming Event list, Mini-Calendar, or a full on month, week or day view. This allows you to create an interactive, “up to date everywhere” calendar that’s visible to a much larger audience while again, keeping certain events and information private for your users. Best of all, a single line of code is all you need to embed the calendar in WordPress, Joomla, SquareSpace, Wix, and any homegrown website.


Another useful feature for getting the word out about your events is our iCal and RSS feeds. These feeds allow visitors to subscribe to your calendar and will be updated every time you add a new event. This way folks don’t necessarily need to visit your calendar to keep informed about what’s going on.

So there we have it, sharing events and calendars is easy. You can learn more and kick the tires by starting your free 30-day trial at

WebEx Online Calendar Alternative



It’s come to our attention that the WebEx Web Office service will be shutting down, with End-of-Life on November 30th 2014. We understand that many folks will be searching for alternative software to run businesses, personal, or family calendars online.

Free Support

Our CalendarWiz support team is here to help import your existing calendar into CalendarWiz and set up the calendar to meet your needs.


We offer everything you need in an online calendar, including:

  • Easily added to any Intranet
  • Color-coding and filtering by calendar category
  • Desktop or Mobile access to your calendar
  • Multi-User Editing
  • Prevent Double Booking
  • Automatic Reminders & Announcements
  • Email Newsletters

If you have questions about our products please contact

Get Started For Free

The CalendarWiz Team

Top 7 CalendarWiz Online Calendar Features for Education

We know that back to school time is hectic for teachers, parents and school administrators. That’s why we’ve created the Top 7 CalendarWiz Features list for education to help keep your school community informed about what’s happening in your school.

Top 7 CalendarWiz Features For Education

  1. Instant Calendar Sharing:
    Share Instant calendar updates with students, parents, & faculty across any desktop, tablet, or smartphone.  One simple link to share.  Nothing to download.
  2. Website Calendar Plugin
    Calendars are the most visited pages on school websites. Parents view academic and extra-curricular events and set email reminders.
  3. Upcoming Events List Plugin
    Give parents and staff an at-a-glance view of important upcoming events on your school homepage.
  4. Admin Calendar:School Administrators use password protected categories for internal faculty meetings and projects.
  5. Room Scheduling:  Prevent double booking of computer labs, rooms, or facilities. Self-service booking options available.
  6. Real-Time iCal Feeds:Parents or teachers subscribe to your school calendar – feeding it into Outlook, Mac iCal, Google, Android, iPhone, etc.
  7. Multi-User Editing: Allows your to share the work of editing the calendar. Flexible user permissions let you control “who can view” and”who can edit.”

We welcome you to See More Features or Start a FREE Trial Today.

The CalendarWiz Team

Google Calendar Alternative

Are you looking for an alternative to Google Calendar?

CalendarWiz is a highly customizable and versatile calendar that helps thousands of people run their business, organization, and personal calendars online.  Our Basic CalendarWiz Subscription starts at just $9.00 per month.

Why Choose CalendarWiz?

Free Support

CalendarWiz offers fast, friend, and free email support.  We are here to help your optimize your calendar setup.


We offer everything you need in an online calendar, including:

  • Branding:  The full calendar and plugins (upcoming events list, mini calendar, and search) can be customized to match your website colors exactly.
  • Full Event Titles:  Calendar day cells dynamically re-size to display an event’s complete title, while Google calendar truncates event titles to fit a specific cell width.
  • Permissions:  Ability to set privacy permissions for calendar users as well as public events that can be easily published on your website.
  • Resource Scheduling:  Prevent double booking of staff, facilities, or locations with conflict prevention. Reserve conference rooms, athletic facilities, church halls, executive appointments, shift schedules or any type of resource.
  • Mobile:   Allows permitted users to view, add, and edit events in CalendarWiz via Mobile device.  The mobile calendar or an upcoming events list can also be added to your mobile website.

If you have questions about our products please contact

Get Started For Free

The CalendarWiz Team

AirSet Calendar Alternative

airset alternative

It’s come to our attention that the service will be shutting down officially on July 25th 2014. While we wish the team at AirSet the best with future endeavors, we understand that many folks are left searching for alternative software to run business, community, or group calendars online.

Free Support

Our CalendarWiz support team is here to help import your existing calendar into CalendarWiz and set up the calendar to meet your needs.


We offer everything you need in an online calendar, including:

  • Color-coding and filtering by calendar category
  • Mobile app
  • Powerful Event Editor
  • Multi-User Editing
  • Private & Public Calendars
  • Prevent Double Booking

Special Offer

CalendarWiz invites existing AirSet customers to try our web and mobile calendar services free for 30 days.  When you purchase, you’ll  get another month free added to your subscription. If you have questions about our products please contact and Start Free Trial Today.

The CalendarWiz Team

Discover useful features you may have missed!

We’ve done a little spring cleaning in our Admin Menu with the goal of helping you get the most out of CalendarWiz.  You’ll notice we added new Mobile App and Social Media screens to the admin menu.  Yes, we do have a Mobile App.  We’ve also added an Account section to the logged-in bar for easy access to account details and your administrator user profile.

Take a minute to explore the Admin Menu and find a useful feature that you may not be using…


Calendar Settings 

Here you’ll find important set up tools that can make daily operations run a bit more smoothly.  We must mention here that the hidden gem of CalendarWiz is the power of Categories.

Categories allow a calendar administrator to set “who can view events” in each category. Perhaps you’d find it helpful to add a private category that’s viewable by only selected logged-in users or to set up a category that allows self-service booking of a resource.

Calendar Options are calendar-wide settings that you’ve likely not reviewed since you created your calendar.  Here’s a few features you may be missing out on…


Branding & Calendar Colors

Customize your calendar colors and event reminders & announcements to make them your own.  Let us know if we can help.


Website Plugins

Here you’ll find our popular Upcoming Events List and Mini Calendar website plugins. Plugins are easy to integrate and customize to match any website.



Here you’ll find Email to List (previously known as EmailCast), Mobile App & Suggest Event “Apps.”  Email to List and Suggest Event settings will work as the always have. We’ve add the Mobile App screen to share how easy it is to access your calendar’s mobile app.


We welcome any questions or feedback that you may have.  We want you to get the most out of CalendarWiz.


The CalendarWiz Team

CalendarWiz and the Heartbleed bug


Dear Customers,

By now you’ve likely heard about the vulnerability in the OpenSSL cryptographic library known as Heartbleed. Heartbleed exposed a potential security threat to an extremely large number of websites including CalendarWiz, Yahoo, Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, MineCraft, TurboTax, and many others.

We wanted to communicate how CalendarWiz has handled this situation.

First, there are no indications that CalendarWiz has been attacked. However, we do understand that the nature of the vulnerability makes an attack difficult, if not impossible to detect. We’ve completed the process of patching our servers and re-keying our SSL certificates. That said, I’ve decided against forcing password resets for our users, but recommend doing so as a precaution. 

CalendarWiz has taken the following steps to protect you from Heartbleed:

  1. Patched all servers running the vulnerable version of OpenSSL.
  2. Installed (rekeyed) new SSL certificates based on new private keys.
  3. Revoked old SSL certificates.
  4. Removed active sessions.
  5. Requested that you change your password.

Please keep in mind the bleeding doesn’t stop with CalendarWiz. The following web applications listed here, were also affected.

Thanks for your patience. We hope our frenzy to update hasn’t impacted your calendar usage, and/or availability. We’ll update with pertinent information if and when it becomes available. Contact us at if you’re curious about something we missed in this post.


Mike Hommé
Director of Product Development


Quick Start Guide for administrators

Our online calendar makes it easy to share your calendar on your website or members of a group or organization.

This guide will help calendar administrators and owners quickly optimize calendar set up to meet your organization’s needs.   If you haven’t already, we welcome you to take a free 30 day trial.

Get Started For Free

 Here’s list of topics covered in this guide:

Add Events

Add events using the Quick Event or the Full Event editor.  Between them both, you’ll find everything you need when adding events.

  • Quick Event: click the + in a day cell or the [Add Event] button.
  • Full Event: click + to add an event and then [More event options…] button to open the Full Event editor. Review the tabs at the top of the Full Event editor to get an overview of its powerful features.

Delete or Edit events by clicking the (edit) link next to an event

Learn More in this article

What is a Category?

We use categories to group events into separate calendar views as well as control if events are public or private.  For example:

Schools might create categories for academics, athletics and administration (private category).
Businesses might create all private categories for staff vacation, marketing, and staff meetings
Churches might set up categories for mass schedule,  church hall bookings and clergy appointments (private category)Learn how to prevent double booking here

Make a category public to allow any calendar visitor to view its events or make a category private to require login to view its events.

Admin Menu > under calendar settings > Categories > click Add > select font styles, legend colors & public or private > Save

Note: you may edit and rename the “General” category.

Upcoming Events List

Our upcoming events list and mini calendar web plugins can be customized and added to any web page. Adjust colors, styles, and text and save. Next, simply copy and paste JavaScript code in your web page editor. Events automatically update in the upcoming events list as you update your calendar. To learn more click go to:

Admin Menu > under website plugins >Upcoming Events List

More info on adding an upcoming events list to your web page:
Learn more in this article

Add Calendar to Your Website

Below is the standard calendar link to add to your website. Be sure to replace “yourcalendaridentifier” with the unique calendar identifier name.

Our website integration tool makes is easy to create code and customized links to add your calendar to your website.

Admin Menu >  under Website Plugins > Website Integration

For more information:
Learn more in this article

Room or Facility Booking

Prevent double booking of rooms, facilities, staff schedules, etc. by using our
conflict prevention features in categories and saved locations.

Options also allow users to make self-service reservations of conference rooms and resources.
To learn how to set up a scheduling or reservation calendar, follow the link below:
Learn more in this article

Mobile App

Mobile App allows administrators and permitted users to view, add, and edit events via a Smartphone browser, including iPhones, Androids, Blackberry and Windows phones. To access the mobile app, simply open your phone’s browser and enter your calendar link:

Select Mobile view when prompted. For more info on mobile and sync options:
Learn more in this article

Users & Subscribers

Share your calendar by adding users and subscribers.  Both users and subscribers can receive event Reminders, Announcements & Email to List newsletters as well as RSVP to events.

Here’s how users and subscribers are different…



  • Have a password to login to calendar
  • Add & edit events in all or part of calendar
  • View private categories and private notes
  • Belong to your calendar email list
  • Signup for email list by website form
  • View public calendar categories only

Click Admin Menu button > under calendar settings > Users & Subscribers > Add >
Click for more info on managing users and subscribers.

Upload Documents & Images

It’s easy to add an image or attach a document to an event.

Learn how to add images:

Learn how to attach files:

Set Calendar Options

Set calendar-wide options that affect how your calendar operates. Review the Basic, Advanced, Expert, Social Media tabs to optimize your calendar set up to meet your needs.

Click to go to Admin Menu > under calendar settings > Calendar Options

Change Calendar Colors

Customize calendar colors to match your organization’s website or brand.  Use the Calendar Colors tool to customize your own colors or select a color scheme from the Themes.

Go to Admin Menu > under Branding & Calendar Colors >

  • Themes: select a color scheme from our gallery
  • Calendar Colors: insert any colors you like.  Let us know if we can help you match your website’s color scheme.
  • Logos: Upload graphics or images from your computer to display as logos in the calendar headline.
  • Reminder Email Template: customize event reminder colors and text styles

Email Marketing with Email to List

Send beautiful engaging email and newsletters to your calendar users and subscribers.
Our Email to List feature makes it easy stay in touch with your audience.

Learn More About Email to List >>

If you have any questions, contact us via email at


The CalendarWiz Team

New Interface Design Rollout

You may have noticed that CalendarWiz has been making some changes recently.  These enhancements have included new social media links, a quick add event feature, and a new advanced event editor.

These and future changes are driven by your requests, new technology and to lay a foundation for future developments such as subscriber emailing and event registration.  These and other enhancements will be delivered in a series of integrated releases over the coming months.

Enhancements include:

One purpose of this blog is to inform you about product enhancements before they arrive and to provide a way for you to tell us about your experience with the new features and interfaces.  Your feedback has been a very important part of our success and is appreciated.

Thanks for your continued support!

Mike Hommé
Director of Product Development

Calendar Enhancements Are Headed Your Way

Dear Customers,

This Monday, March 3rd, 2014, you’ll notice some reorganization and enhancements being made to the top section of your calendar. These changes won’t affect calendar operation and don’t require any action on your part.

Let’s take a look at some of the improvements you’ll likely notice right off the bat.

Login button is now located to the far-right of your calendar’s gray navigation bar.

The login button has been relocated

Once you login to your calendar, a new Logged in Navigation Bar appears just above the gray bar. Here you’ll find the Add Event and Admin Menu buttons. The Logged in Navigation Bar is visible only to logged in calendar editors and not visible to calendar or website visitors.

New Logged in Navigation Bar

Export, iCal/RSS and Suggest an Event forms have been redesigned and no longer open in new browser window. This change will eliminate the risk of browser pop-up blockers preventing your visitors from accessing these cool features.

We’ve also relocated the iCal/RSS feed  as a button on the gray navigation bar to make it easier for visitors and users to subscribe to your calendar.

Redesigned calendar forms

The Go To Date button has been redesigned and now opens quickly, instead of opening a new window.

New Go to Date picker

If you use our Suggest Event feature, you’ll notice that the Logged in Navigation bar will now include a red label indicating the number of “new” event suggestions. Click it to manage your suggested events as you always have.  Only logged-in administrators and permitted logged in managers will view the suggest event label.

New location for Suggested Events

Login screen has also been redesigned.

Login screen redesign

All calendars will be upgraded on March 3rd 2014.

These updates come to you at no additional costs or fees, and no action is required on your part. As always if you have questions, comments or feedback in general, please drop us a line at or leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to mark your calendar!

Mike Hommé
Director of Product Development

New Full Event editor

Our new Full Event editor is packed with enhancements.  It’s smartphone & tablet friendly, lets you attach documents and images as well as allows code-free styling of event descriptions.  Built with the most modern web technologies, it’ll allow us to release fixes and improvements to your calendar faster than ever before.

New Feature: upload documents, files, and images to events.
Available only in the new Full Event editor.  Follow instructions to turn off the legacy event editor.

New Feature: Invite with RSVP
RSVP feature is only available using the new Full Event Editor.  Update now so you don’t miss out on new features.

To Enable the New Event Editor

Go to Admin Menu -> Options -> Advanced Options tab and uncheck the box ‘Use Legacy Editor’

To enable the new event editor, uncheck "Use Legacy Event Editor" in Admin Menu -> Options.

New Full Event editor layout

Click + in a day cell to add an event.  If the Quick Event editor opens, simply click the [More event options…] button to open the Full Event editor.  Review the tabs at the top of the Full Event editor to get an overview of its powerful features.  You’ll notice that Locations now have their own “Location” tab. .  Repeating events controls grouped for easier to understanding.

New Advanced Editor Layout
Important Note: we’ve also enhanced the “Description & Images” tab to allow image and document uploads to events.

“When You Need Them” Popup Controls

Convenient popup controls appear only when you need them, reducing interface clutter.

"When You Need" them controls

New ‘Checkbox’ Recipient Selection

This intuitive check box selection of announcement and reminder recipients is able to handle larger recipient list.

New ‘Checkbox’ Recipient Selection

Event Description Style Editor

WSIWIG editor allows text styling, inserting images.  No more dealing with HTML code, unless of course you want to. : )

Event Description Style Editor


So, with that, the New Event Editor is available now and we hope you’ll give it a try!

This update comes to you at no additional cost. As always if you have questions, comments or feedback in general, please drop us a line at or leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading, and enable the new editor today!

Mike Hommé
Director of Product Development