Discover useful features you may have missed!

We’ve done a little spring cleaning in our Admin Menu with the goal of helping you get the most out of CalendarWiz.  You’ll notice we added new Mobile App and Social Media screens to the admin menu.  Yes, we do have a Mobile App.  We’ve also added an Account section to the logged-in bar for easy access to account details and your administrator user profile.

Take a minute to explore the Admin Menu and find a useful feature that you may not be using…


Calendar Settings 

Here you’ll find important set up tools that can make daily operations run a bit more smoothly.  We must mention here that the hidden gem of CalendarWiz is the power of Categories.

Categories allow a calendar administrator to set “who can view events” in each category. Perhaps you’d find it helpful to add a private category that’s viewable by only selected logged-in users or to set up a category that allows self-service booking of a resource.

Calendar Options are calendar-wide settings that you’ve likely not reviewed since you created your calendar.  Here’s a few features you may be missing out on…


Branding & Calendar Colors

Customize your calendar colors and event reminders & announcements to make them your own.  Let us know if we can help.


Website Plugins

Here you’ll find our popular Upcoming Events List and Mini Calendar website plugins. Plugins are easy to integrate and customize to match any website.



Here you’ll find Email to List (previously known as EmailCast), Mobile App & Suggest Event “Apps.”  Email to List and Suggest Event settings will work as the always have. We’ve add the Mobile App screen to share how easy it is to access your calendar’s mobile app.


We welcome any questions or feedback that you may have.  We want you to get the most out of CalendarWiz.


The CalendarWiz Team

CalendarWiz and the Heartbleed bug


Dear Customers,

By now you’ve likely heard about the vulnerability in the OpenSSL cryptographic library known as Heartbleed. Heartbleed exposed a potential security threat to an extremely large number of websites including CalendarWiz, Yahoo, Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, MineCraft, TurboTax, and many others.

We wanted to communicate how CalendarWiz has handled this situation.

First, there are no indications that CalendarWiz has been attacked. However, we do understand that the nature of the vulnerability makes an attack difficult, if not impossible to detect. We’ve completed the process of patching our servers and re-keying our SSL certificates. That said, I’ve decided against forcing password resets for our users, but recommend doing so as a precaution. 

CalendarWiz has taken the following steps to protect you from Heartbleed:

  1. Patched all servers running the vulnerable version of OpenSSL.
  2. Installed (rekeyed) new SSL certificates based on new private keys.
  3. Revoked old SSL certificates.
  4. Removed active sessions.
  5. Requested that you change your password.

Please keep in mind the bleeding doesn’t stop with CalendarWiz. The following web applications listed here, were also affected.

Thanks for your patience. We hope our frenzy to update hasn’t impacted your calendar usage, and/or availability. We’ll update with pertinent information if and when it becomes available. Contact us at if you’re curious about something we missed in this post.


Mike Hommé
Director of Product Development


Quick Start Guide for administrators

Our online calendar makes it easy to share your calendar on your website or members of a group or organization.

This guide will help calendar administrators and owners quickly optimize calendar set up to meet your organization’s needs.   If you haven’t already, we welcome you to take a free 30 day trial.

Get Started For Free

 Here’s list of topics covered in this guide:

Add Events

Add events using the Quick Event or the Full Event editor.  Between them both, you’ll find everything you need when adding events.

  • Quick Event: click the + in a day cell or the [Add Event] button.
  • Full Event: click + to add an event and then [More event options…] button to open the Full Event editor. Review the tabs at the top of the Full Event editor to get an overview of its powerful features.

Delete or Edit events by clicking the (edit) link next to an event

Learn More in this article

What is a Category?

We use categories to group events into separate calendar views as well as control if events are public or private.  For example:

Schools might create categories for academics, athletics and administration (private category).
Businesses might create all private categories for staff vacation, marketing, and staff meetings
Churches might set up categories for mass schedule,  church hall bookings and clergy appointments (private category)Learn how to prevent double booking here

Make a category public to allow any calendar visitor to view its events or make a category private to require login to view its events.

Admin Menu > under calendar settings > Categories > click Add > select font styles, legend colors & public or private > Save

Note: you may edit and rename the “General” category.

Upcoming Events List

Our upcoming events list and mini calendar web plugins can be customized and added to any web page. Adjust colors, styles, and text and save. Next, simply copy and paste JavaScript code in your web page editor. Events automatically update in the upcoming events list as you update your calendar. To learn more click go to:

Admin Menu > under website plugins >Upcoming Events List

More info on adding an upcoming events list to your web page:
Learn more in this article

Add Calendar to Your Website

Below is the standard calendar link to add to your website. Be sure to replace “yourcalendaridentifier” with the unique calendar identifier name.

Our website integration tool makes is easy to create code and customized links to add your calendar to your website.

Admin Menu >  under Website Plugins > Website Integration

For more information:
Learn more in this article

Room or Facility Booking

Prevent double booking of rooms, facilities, staff schedules, etc. by using our
conflict prevention features in categories and saved locations.

Options also allow users to make self-service reservations of conference rooms and resources.
To learn how to set up a scheduling or reservation calendar, follow the link below:
Learn more in this article

Mobile App

Mobile App allows administrators and permitted users to view, add, and edit events via a Smartphone browser, including iPhones, Androids, Blackberry and Windows phones. To access the mobile app, simply open your phone’s browser and enter your calendar link:

Select Mobile view when prompted. For more info on mobile and sync options:
Learn more in this article

Users & Subscribers

Share your calendar by adding users and subscribers.  Both users and subscribers can receive event Reminders, Announcements & Email to List newsletters as well as RSVP to events.

Here’s how users and subscribers are different…



  • Have a password to login to calendar
  • Add & edit events in all or part of calendar
  • View private categories and private notes
  • Belong to your calendar email list
  • Signup for email list by website form
  • View public calendar categories only

Click Admin Menu button > under calendar settings > Users & Subscribers > Add >
Click for more info on managing users and subscribers.

Upload Documents & Images

It’s easy to add an image or attach a document to an event.

Learn how to add images:

Learn how to attach files:

Set Calendar Options

Set calendar-wide options that affect how your calendar operates. Review the Basic, Advanced, Expert, Social Media tabs to optimize your calendar set up to meet your needs.

Click to go to Admin Menu > under calendar settings > Calendar Options

Change Calendar Colors

Customize calendar colors to match your organization’s website or brand.  Use the Calendar Colors tool to customize your own colors or select a color scheme from the Themes.

Go to Admin Menu > under Branding & Calendar Colors >

  • Calendar Colors: select a theme or insert any colors you like.  Let us know if we can help you match your website’s color scheme.
  • Logos: upload graphics or images from your computer to display as logos in the calendar headline.
  • Reminder Email Template: customize event reminder colors and text styles

Email Marketing with Email to List

Send beautiful engaging email and newsletters to your calendar users and subscribers.
Our Email to List feature makes it easy stay in touch with your audience.

Learn More About Email to List >>

If you have any questions, contact us via email at


The CalendarWiz Team