Avoid Room Scheduling Snafus in 2015

The #1 reason for frustration at work is the unexpected, and often time-consuming, snafu in the day.  When there’s a room scheduling conflict, there is a lot of scrambling to find a new room and pointing fingers to blame the person responsible for the double booking.

If paper or spreadsheet methods for reserving a room are letting you down, the solution may be as simple (and affordable) as an shared online calendar.

Michael Martinho, the Facility Operations Director at UNC Wellness Center, understands just how important a shared calendar can be when it comes to room scheduling.


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“Before CalendarWiz, it was difficult for staff from different departments to see schedules and reserve a room. Now, we have a core team of calendar managers that can schedule a classroom or conference room from anywhere.”


The advantages to using a shared calendar certainly go beyond room scheduling.  Shared calendars by CalendarWiz include website plugins that provide instant updates to your website as well – a very helpful feature for the UNC Wellness Center as they offer hundreds of classes to their valued members each week.


“We added the full calendar to our website and Facebook Page for its ease of use, speed and user-friendly format. We also added the CalendarWiz mobile version to our site so that our members can easily access the calendar on mobile devices.” – Michael Martinho

When it comes to sharing rooms or facilities in the new year, the calendar you share is at the heart of it all.  We welcome you to learn how CalendarWiz can help with your room scheduling.

A Shared Calendar

CalendarWiz offers many different ways to organize and share your calendars with your team, community, or other groups. When you first create your calendar you’re also creating a simple web link which can be sent to anyone you wish to access your calendar. All the person needs to do is click the link and your calendar will open in any browser or smartphone.

Now, we know the ability to share a calendar with others is extremely important if not a necessity for most businesses, schools and other organizations, but what if you need to share private information with an internal group, and also need allow other events and information to be visible publicly on your website? With CalendarWiz this is easily accomplished by creating user accounts and categories with the appropriate access rights, to each of your events.

Social Media

Speaking of sharing, who’s on Facebook? That’s right; with the click of a button your events can easily be shared and liked on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. What a great way to promote upcoming events in your community, or driving up the head-count at your restaurants karaoke night, we know, you love karaoke.

Sharing Online

A stand-alone calendar link is a great way to get going with sharing, but why stop there? With CalendarWiz you can share your calendar in other cool ways such as embedding them directly into a website, mobile app, or even Facebook in the form of an Upcoming Event list, Mini-Calendar, or a full on month, week or day view. This allows you to create an interactive, “up to date everywhere” calendar that’s visible to a much larger audience while again, keeping certain events and information private for your users. Best of all, a single line of code is all you need to embed the calendar in WordPress, Joomla, SquareSpace, Wix, and any homegrown website.


Another useful feature for getting the word out about your events is our iCal and RSS feeds. These feeds allow visitors to subscribe to your calendar and will be updated every time you add a new event. This way folks don’t necessarily need to visit your calendar to keep informed about what’s going on.

So there we have it, sharing events and calendars is easy. You can learn more and kick the tires by starting your free 30-day trial at http://calendarwiz.com/signup

WebEx Online Calendar Alternative



It’s come to our attention that the WebEx Web Office service will be shutting down, with End-of-Life on November 30th 2014. We understand that many folks will be searching for alternative software to run businesses, personal, or family calendars online.

Free Support

Our CalendarWiz support team is here to help import your existing calendar into CalendarWiz and set up the calendar to meet your needs.


We offer everything you need in an online calendar, including:

  • Easily added to any Intranet
  • Color-coding and filtering by calendar category
  • Desktop or Mobile access to your calendar
  • Multi-User Editing
  • Prevent Double Booking
  • Automatic Reminders & Announcements
  • Email Newsletters

If you have questions about our products please contact support@calendarwiz.com

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