Top 7 CalendarWiz Online Calendar Features for Education

We know that back to school time is hectic for teachers, parents and school administrators. That’s why we’ve created the Top 7 CalendarWiz Features list for education to help keep your school community informed about what’s happening in your school.

Top 7 CalendarWiz Features For Education

  1. Instant Calendar Sharing:
    Share Instant calendar updates with students, parents, & faculty across any desktop, tablet, or smartphone.  One simple link to share.  Nothing to download.
  2. Website Calendar Plugin
    Calendars are the most visited pages on school websites. Parents view academic and extra-curricular events and set email reminders.
  3. Upcoming Events List Plugin
    Give parents and staff an at-a-glance view of important upcoming events on your school homepage.
  4. Admin Calendar:School Administrators use password protected categories for internal faculty meetings and projects.
  5. Room Scheduling:  Prevent double booking of computer labs, rooms, or facilities. Self-service booking options available.
  6. Real-Time iCal Feeds:Parents or teachers subscribe to your school calendar – feeding it into Outlook, Mac iCal, Google, Android, iPhone, etc.
  7. Multi-User Editing: Allows your to share the work of editing the calendar. Flexible user permissions let you control “who can view” and”who can edit.”

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The CalendarWiz Team

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