Add Event Locations via Mobile

We’ve made an important update to our mobile calendar that allows you to add event location details or select from a list of saved locations.  If your saved locations are set to prevent double booking, the system will alert you of an event conflict.

If you’re using saved locations for managing client addresses or room scheduling, this mobile app update will give you the flexibility you need while you’re away from the office.

Here’s how it works.

Step 1: Open the mobile version of your calendar. Be sure to refresh the calendar either by swiping down or clicking your browser’s refresh icon to recieve this update.
Click here for instructions on accessing your mobile calendar.

Step 2:  Login and click to [Add] an event

Step 3:  To add a new location to event, click “Show location details” and enter the location information.  Optionally, add this location to your calendar’s saved location list for next time:-)


Step 4:  If you have saved locations in your calendar, you can select a saved location from the dropdown list.


Step 5:  Save your event.  It’s that simple.   If your saved locations are set to prevent double booking, the mobile calendar will now detect conflicts for a saved location.

We hope you find this update helpful and we welcome your feedback.  Please contact us with any questions at

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